Mystery Girl Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to be noticed, or have a friend? Not Scarlett Moon, she’s an invisa-girl. She parades in the Sit and Silent at her old school. In the old halls. Scowled by the old teachers. She walked down the hallways, different from everyone else. Her mismatched eyes: blue and brown, her lanky arms and legs, and her big head too small for her body. She blended in though, not noticed by the other pupils. Her over-exaggerated sister, Pandora always stole the attention. Just the way she liked it. Secretly she loves the class president, Louis. He doesn’t love her though. Barely her mom and Pandora do....maybe.


3. A Kiss of The New Home

“Scarlett! Come over here! You aren’t pretty enough for him!” Moony screamed, “I’m sorry.  Bye.” I looked down and trailed over to Moony and Dad.  “Tell that boy to ask Pandora on a date instead of you repulsively ugly creature.” Moony pushed her back towards to Louis.  “You’re back!” Louis smiled,  “Uh...yea.  You should talk to my sister instead.  She’s much prettier than me.” Scarlett said.  “No one can be prettier than you.” Louis held her hands.  Scarlett imagined her parents disapproving looks.  “I can’t, my sister is much better than me.  Goodbye.” Scarlett’s heart dropped. Louis sighed and let her go.  “Will he talk to Perfect Pandora?” Dad asked.  “Yea.” I answered.  “Good, if she weds early than we’ll have more of little perfect Pandora’s running around.  The play began as the music played and the curtains rose.  A spotlight showed the one and only: Perfect Pandora.  Scarlett glanced over to Louis now and then.  “I’m going to excuse myself to the bathroom.” she told her father and quietly left.  “You’re parents are pretty strict.  I would never put stress on your beautiful face.” a voice behind her spoke causing Scarlett to whip around.  Louis pulled her close, pursed his lips and swooped closer to Scarlett’s face.  She slowly leaned in as well.  Scarlett was about to lose her lip virginity.  “Scarlett!  Come back here now!” Moony pulled Scarlett away from her one and only love.  “I’m sorry.  Here, you would much rather date her.” Moony handed Louis a picture of Pandora.  “It’s okay.  I like Scarlett much more.” Louis pushed the crumpled photo back.  Scarlett’s cheeks became a shade of pink, but Moony’s face became fire engine red.  “If you’re not dating Perfect Pandora, than you’re not dating anyone!” Moony grabbed Scarlett’s hair dragging her into the theater.  “I’m sorry.” Louis mouthed to the long gone Scarlett.  “I can’t believe you made a guy kiss you.” Moony whispered in disgust to Scarlett.  “He isn’t just any guy, Moony.”  Scarlett thought to herself.  “Go Perfect Pandora!  Woo!” Moony yelled.  Memories of Scarlett as a stripling.  Her father and her practicing his acrobats.  Her mother looking at her like she was perfect.  And a haunting memory: her father on the tightrope, falling losing his eye when he fell.  Ever since then, Moony and Dad stopped loving each other, stopped loving Scarlett, started only caring about Pandora.  “Get up.” her Dad spat, pushing Scarlett away.  “Pandora! Oh, dear!  You were perfect!  Not a step out of place!” Moony cradled her tightly.  When Scarlett began to step into the car Moony said, “No.  As your punishment, you walk the five miles home.” pushing Scarlett out the car.  “Great! Now I can search for Ariel!” Scarlett thought to herself.  “Go on.  Your reek is beginning to mix with my perfume.” Pandora complained.  “Only because you never let me go in the shower, you Moony and Dad always hog it.” Scarlett thought, but she kept quiet.  “Ariel!  Ariel!  Ariel!” Scarlett called from all different directions.  “Shh!  I’m over here.” a whisper behind a nearby bush caught Scarlett’s attention.  “Ariel?” she hesitantly stepped forth to the bush.  “Listen, did you remember the code? I only have small time here.” Scarlett crouched down next to Ariel.  “Yes. 0.1234. Why?” Scarlett hoped for more information.  “You’ll see in time.” Ariel hid with the shadows and disappeared under the moon.  “Who ya talkin to?” Louis hovered over the bush.  “I was just calling home.” Scarlett lied.  “No, you weren’t.  You’re scared of your mum and dad.  Stay with me.” Louis pulled her up, and walked her to his house.  

~Next day~

“Scarlett! Get your lazy ass up and clean the bathroom, before Perfect Pandora goes in!” Moony hollered.  “Scarlett! Why don’t I see you?!?!” Moony’s banshee-like wail rang through the Moon house.  “Moony, Scarlett never came home last night.” Pandora timidly told Moony.  “Good.  I never liked her.” Moony hissed.  “Yes. You did.” a voice from behind spoke.

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