Petals Of a Flower

Lexie- Gray Hanson is terrified when she learns that her ex is a murderer. He left her beaten on a back street in California. Lexie wants to get back to Tennesee and 5 boys are her only hope. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louie, and Zayn.

( Rated 12+) for violence and language


7. Never Again

Niall had been to a hospital. I lay there watching Louie take the knife out of my stomach. I screamed in pain. Niall was crying with his head in his hands, in a corner. "Niall come help!" Louie yells. Harry wiped the blood off of me with paper towels. Niall comes closer to me. "Put her hair in a ponytail." Liam said. I felt Niall's warm hands pull my hair into a high ponytail. He is still crying. "You lied Louie..." I said softly. "Lexie I tried..." he replied. Niall drives me to the hospital. Speeding. I lay on the seat crying. He picks me up and runs. The nurses lay me on a hospital bed. Then I see Zayn, Harry, Louie, and Liam. Louie stands there looking at me. He turns and sits in a chair. I felt myself shaking. Something was wrong. I started going into shock. I could tell because everything was in slow motion. The nurse screams at them to get out. "I'm Serious lady I can't leave her!" Louie yells. He holds my hand. Niall is in a corner still crying. Harry was crying too. Then my eyes close... When I open them again, I am home. Harry is beside me, he is watching me. "Hey love...How are you feeling?" he asks. "Ok..." I say as I sit up. Louie walks in. "MY LEXI WEXI IS WAKEY!" I stare at him. "What?" I ask. "Your awake!" I smile as he sits beside me and kisses my cheek. "I will never let that happen again....Never." Louie says as he pulls my face toward his. Niall walks in. He sees me and Louie have a 'moment'. Louie kisses my cheek again and leaves. Niall sits beside me. He looks at me sadly. "You know how much I missed you?" he asked. "More than I miss my dead dog..And my dead father..." Nialls says as he hugs me.

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