Petals Of a Flower

Lexie- Gray Hanson is terrified when she learns that her ex is a murderer. He left her beaten on a back street in California. Lexie wants to get back to Tennesee and 5 boys are her only hope. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louie, and Zayn.

( Rated 12+) for violence and language


10. Love?

  After that we went to the motel. I sat on the bed flipping through a magazine. I can't believe I actually thought about him. Cody. I thought about him today. All those times we went skiing. I put the magazine down. The boys were out to find us a place to eat. Niall stayed with me though. "What are you doing, love?" he asked. "Thinking..." I said softly. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. "Somethings wrong....What's up?" he asks. "I keep thinking about Cody. It wasn't long ago when he stabbed me and you..." he stared at me kind of weird like. "Lexi...He was a player. You're safe with us now. You will always be. Nothing will stop us from leaving you." he said.


  We sat there talking as my phone rings. "Hello?" I answer. "ZAYN AND HARRY!!!!!!" Lou shouts. I hear Liam in the background sniffling. "What?!?!?!" I ask, trying to figure out what they mean. "Zayn, he's not breathing. Neither is Harry!!!!" Both boys scream into the phone. "WHERE ARE YOU GUYS AT???" I yell. "In an alley by a abandoned store. Cody is trying to-" there is a silence. "Lou?" Niall is putting on his shoes. "LOU??!!??!" I hang up the phone, tears rolling down my eyes. Me and Niall run out the door. We run down the street and see Lou waving. I run to him. Niall caught up. Cody ran to me and grabbed me by my ponytail. Niall grabs my shoulders. "No Cody. You've ruined her life enough." Niall says. I was suprised by his really manly voice. Cody pulls me to him. He starts touching my body. "Kiss me, one last time. Or you'll die, so will your friends." He says. "DON'T DO IT LEXI!!!" Niall yells. I look back at Niall. I couldn't lose him. I smash my lips against Cody's. Lou and Liam were waking up Harry and Zayn. Niall was watching. "Baby, I'm sorry" Cody said. I push his arm away. "No. You risked me and my friends lives." I said. He pulls out a gun. "LEXI!!" Niall yells. He's being held back by one of Cody's assistants.  Cody holds the gun up to my chest. "1..." he mumbles. The boys are crying now. "2..." Niall is trying to lunge forward. "LEXI!!!" "3..." Cody puts his finger to the trigger. Next thing I knew, Niall pushed me out of the way. We fell on the ground together. Cody runs to us. He picks me up, the way Niall does. Niall takes the gun and shoots Cody in the head. Niall picks me up and runs. He puts me in the boys car. He goes back. All the boys get in the car and we drive to the motel and get our things and leave.



  We get on the airplane. Niall sat by me and ran his fingers through my hair. "I told you, I'd protect you." I smile at him. "You are my hero Niall." I say softly.



   --------Niall's POV------


  The way she smiled...The way she said my name....I fell in love.





   -----Lexi's POV------


  Niall blushed. He held my hand. And he sang my favorite song to me.



       "Let it die, Never wanna say goodbye...But girl you make me hard to be safe for....The Lips of an angel.."


It was a rock song I listened to whenever I feel love. "I love you." he said. "I love you too." I say back. We kiss. Long and soft.

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