Petals Of a Flower

Lexie- Gray Hanson is terrified when she learns that her ex is a murderer. He left her beaten on a back street in California. Lexie wants to get back to Tennesee and 5 boys are her only hope. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louie, and Zayn.

( Rated 12+) for violence and language


2. California is Calling

 As soon as we were in air I open my laptop and turned it on. I got on Yahoo! and checked my e-mails. Junk, Junk, Junk, and 1 mail message from Dani. I deleted the junk and clicked Dani's. Her email popped up


To: Lexie Gray Hanson

Hey Lexie!

I MISS YOU already! Aunt Jodi has a lot of business today so I gotta get working!

Bye :x <3


I replied


Heya Sis! I miss you 2! I'm on the plane. ;]


Cody was listening to music. I heard that band Fall Out Boy. It was my favorite song he was listening to. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark. :] Its a cool song and all, but it would sound better if the intro was gone. It sounds like "do your dance" repeating and it gets annoying. I get a lot of looks but the good kind. I saw a boy staring at me. He had spikey black hair, eye liner, and black clothes. He winked at me and Cody saw. He went off on him too. "Get lost goth dude!" He shouted. I looked back out the window. I sighed and fiddled with my bracelets. We finally landed soon. I got off with Cody and got my luggage. He called his mom to pick us up. 15 minutes later we were in the car with his cousin Brady. I sat in the back of his beat up truck. It was dark out. I heard them whispering and snickering and my stomach flopped. Who knew what Brady is planning. Brady is a 20 year old and he has been to Juvy 3 times and jail twice. I have only met him once and he was 19. Last year's trip here was miserable. Tornados were coming through. Anyway we pulled over. "Uh-" I tried to ask them why but I was cut off. "Hmm" Brady moaned. Cody was rummaging through bags. "Cody wha-" Cut off again "SHUT UP!" he screamed at me. "Get out!" Brady scolded me. I hopped out. VROOOOM. They sped off. They threw my clothing bag at me. My phone was thrown in a puddle. I stood in the dark mouth wide open, amazed at what happened. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLP!" I screamed. No one. It was complete silence. I threw down my bag and sat on the road crying.

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