Petals Of a Flower

Lexie- Gray Hanson is terrified when she learns that her ex is a murderer. He left her beaten on a back street in California. Lexie wants to get back to Tennesee and 5 boys are her only hope. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louie, and Zayn.

( Rated 12+) for violence and language


1. Airports Are Deadly

 He never knew how bad it hurt to leave me here. He never knew how bad it was to stab me.

With lies and a knife.

He said "I Love You"

But it wasn't true.

He never even cared about my health.

He cared about my wealth and left me here.


In California....



7:00. Bring Bring Bring. The phone rang. "Hello?" my tired voice echoed through my quiet pale room. "Hey....Lexi, Are you gonna start packing yet?" Cody asked. "Yes....You woke me up Cody. I will get ready and be at your house at 8:30." I groaned. "Ok cool. The plane leaves at 9:45. So it takes an hour to get there... We have time. So don't be late. California is where I grew up. Love you!" When he said grew up, it echoed in my mind. I never had a good childhood. "Ok babe. See you then." I hung up and jumped up. My bags were packed. I put them all on the couch. My dog Rusty wagged his tail. "Rusty eat your food!" He looked at me and ran to the kitchen. I followed. His bowl was empty! "Dani didn't feed you?" I asked him. I poured fresh water in his bowl and put food in the other side. I put it on the floor next to his little bed. I ran to my room and undressed. I got in the shower and washed my hair and body in record time. 7:15. I have an hour and 15 minutes left. I turned off the water and dried off. I wrapped a towel around me and brushed my hair. I let it air dry but I understand it'll be wild. I got in some jean shorts and a white, lace tank top. I put on some black Toms and did my make-up. Dani ran in. "Dude! I overslept!" she yelled. "Naw Dip! You forgot to feed Rusty." I said as I did my mascara. Dani is my younger sister. She is 13 and she works part-time at my aunts clothing store. "Get ready and I will drive you to the shop when I go to Cody's." I said very annoyed. "Got it." My hair air dried as I packed my laptop in my case and put it in my cary-on luggage. 8:00. Holy Fudge! Dani hasn't even showered yet! "HURRY UP DANI! DAMN I'M GONNA BE LATE!" Dad walked in. "Ahem..." he grumbled. "Sorry dad. I'm leaving in 30 minutes and Dani isn't ready!" he drank his coffee. "I will take her hun. Don't worry. But I really don't like you and your 18 year old boyfriend are going alone across the United States." he scowled. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Daddy it's fine..." I said trying to reassure him. "I trust Cody." he said.


     I got my bags and packed the car. 8:15. Good so far. The morning sky was light blue and one cloud in the sky. Dad and Dani hugged me. "Bye guys!" I said. I got in my car and drove out of the driveway.




   I drove up in Cody's driveway. His mom came out with him and they loaded Cody's car. I hugged Cody and we both got in the car. He drove off. At the airport we saw police in corners. "Goodbye Tennesee." Cody cheered. I smiled and held his hand. We did all the line things and finally entered the airport. People looked pretty terrified but, I know it's ok here!

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