Can We Fall, One More Time?

When Liam broke Skye's heart three years ago when they were sixteen, she never expected to see him again. She never wanted to, either. But for Christmas she's going back to her family's cottage, and guess who's family lives right next door? Liam's. Of course she thinks that he'll be off somewhere in a luxurious hotel, eating overly expensive chocolate and hanging out with the other four members of One Direction. But she never expected him to come to visit, and she definitely never expected him to take an interest in her again.


1. Skye




“Skye, I don’t think we should go out anymore.” As soon as those words slipped from Liam’s mouth I wanted to break down crying. “Okay.” I got up from the park bench and started walking home. I couldn’t believe this. He said he loved me. He said that he would never hurt me. He said that he would never let me go, no matter what. So, what was he doing? He was letting me go. Liar.

When I got home my mom greeted me as always, but this time instead of saying “hello” I crawled up onto her lap and cried a little. “Love, what’s wrong?” She asked. ”Liam broke up with me, and he didn’t even give me a reason.” “It’s okay, darling. Do you want to have a movie night? I’ve been dying to have one for awhile. Men are so stupid, aren’t they?” I nodded and the rest of the night my mom and I just watched romantic comedies. She could make me feel better no matter what, she was literally my best friend.

The next day at school was the worst. The only reason I actually went was because my best friend stayed by my side the whole time. I saw Liam walking through the halls, goofing off with his friends, whistling at girls, stuff like that. It hurt, really bad. I acted happy with my best friend, Kailey, and then when we were alone I wouldn’t be my usual self. Liam obviously got over me fast.

All I could think is Wow, I hope that this ends fast.




“We all miss you, sweetie. We love you so much, we can’t wait to see you at Christmas!”

“I miss you too, guys. Can’t wait to see you either, bye!” I hung up and continuing studying for my finals. I was studying to be a therapist. I turned on the TV for some background noise and as soon as I heard “Liam Payne” my head shot up. He was on an interview. Oh yeah, I thought to myself. He’s all famous now. I rolled my eyes and started listening in.

“Hello everyone! Today our special guest is Liam Payne, one of the band members of the worldwide trend, One Direction!” The audience screamed and clapped. I rolled my eyes yet again. He just smiled and waved at the audience. The interviewer started talking. “So, Liam, I heard from a little birdie that you and Danielle have recently broken up. Why is that?” I listened harder. I definitely wanted to hear his reason for this. I wondered if he didn’t have a reason for breaking up with her, like he didn’t have a reason for our break-up three years ago, before he auditioned for the X-Factor.

“Well, we just started fighting a lot. And we kind of grew apart from each other, lost interest. It just died down and I really couldn’t take it anymore, so I broke it off.” The audience went “aww” and I rolled my eyes again. People fall for the puppy-dog look all the time. I definitely did.

“Well, Liam, do you have your sights set for anybody else?”

“Well, yes, but I’m not going to say.”

“Oh, come on, Liam! We’re all good friends here, you can tell us!” He shook his head. The audience started chanting, “TELL US! TELL US! TELL US!” And he calmed the audience down, saying “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you all.” They cheered and he blushed. “Well, there’s kind of a backstory to this. Would you mind if I told you?”

“No, not at all! We have a whole bunch of time, the whole show, actually! Go ahead!” Liam smiled and then cleared his throat.

“Well, it was about three years ago when I asked this girl on a date with me. I had liked her for a very long time, and when she said yes I really just wanted to scream with happiness. We dated for about a year and it was seriously the best time of my life. I have no idea why I broke up with her, it’s just that my friends were telling me all this bad stuff about her and telling me that she’s bad news, and telling me that I’m better off single. I shouldn’t have listened to them. Well, I broke up with her, and I haven’t talked to her since. I auditioned for the X-Factor, and went on with my life. She was still always on my mind though. And since we have break from tour from November through January, I’ll be spending Christmas in my hometown, and I hope that I’ll run into her, because if I do I definitely would love to talk to her.” The audience did a couple more “aww”s and then the interviewer shushed them. Liam’s face was red as a tomato. The interviewer was smiling. I mean, who wouldn’t be if they just got something juicy on the biggest teen star at the moment?

“And Liam, would you mind telling us who this girl is?”

“Uhhh… Well…”

“Come on, you can tell us, won’t hurt a soul.”

“Well… Her name is Skye Johnson.”

I nearly fell off of my chair.

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