Can We Fall, One More Time?

When Liam broke Skye's heart three years ago when they were sixteen, she never expected to see him again. She never wanted to, either. But for Christmas she's going back to her family's cottage, and guess who's family lives right next door? Liam's. Of course she thinks that he'll be off somewhere in a luxurious hotel, eating overly expensive chocolate and hanging out with the other four members of One Direction. But she never expected him to come to visit, and she definitely never expected him to take an interest in her again.


3. Can We Fall, One More Time?


Can We Fall, One More Time? -Fanfic- Chapter Three


I’m in the airplane right now, on the way to Wolverhampton. I’m going to rent a car and then meet them at the cottage.  I really, really hope that Liam isn’t going to be there for awhile. All I wanted to do tonight is go for a canoe ride. That’s what I always used to do to clear my head.


he woman that I’m sitting next to on the plane is about eighty. She seems nice, like a grandma. I decided to strike up some conversation. “Hi, my name is Skye.” I said, holding out my hand.


She smiled and shook it. “Hello, dear, my name is Matilda.”


“Nice to meet you, Matilda. What are you doing on your way to Wolverhampton?”


“Well, I came to visit my daughter and my grandchildren. I also get to meet up with my ex-husband, which I’m not so excited about.”


“Ahh, I’m in the same spot as you, except it’s not my ex-husband. I’m going up to my family’s cottage for Christmas, and our neighbors are none other than my ex-boyfriend and his family. And I definitely never wanted to see him again.”


Matilda nodded. “Men are stupid, aren’t they? Just like they say women are hard to figure out. We really aren’t, we just need someone to take the time to figure us out. And that person will probably be our soulmate.” I sunk in her words. Wow, that was deep. And probably true. “Too bad my ex-husband was too much of a lazy ass.” I laughed, pretty loudly. A lot of passengers turned to look at me and I just blushed. Matilda was smiling. “Well, love, would you care to talk about how men are stupid with me for the rest of the plane ride?” She asked.


I smiled. “I would love to.”


“Bye, Matilda! Hope that you have fun!” I said, waving to Matilda, who was getting into her car.


“Oh, darling, you know I will. Grandchildren are hard to keep up with!” I laughed and grabbed my bags. I had called a taxi and they were here, I just needed to say bye to Matilda first. She had given me her phone number and her address so that we could send letters and call each other. She was really nice, and I had learned that she “left that ugly dirtbag of a husband because he cheated on me with a no-good bottomfeeder”. I laughed again when she said that. I thought that was pretty creative.


When I got to the cottage, I didn’t even bother to stop and look at Liam’s cottage. I just rushed inside of ours, said hi to my mom in the living room, said hey to my brother from his room, and set all my stuff down in mine. I put all my clothes into the drawers, set all my pictures up, put my stuff in the bookshelf, and set out my comforter and bedset. I even hooked up my TV that was still there. I definitely could not miss the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars or Dance Moms. I sat down to start surfing through the channels until I got bored and decided to go see what my brother was doing. I opened his door and saw him playing on his computer.


“Hey, Toby, what are you playing? World of Nerdcraft?”


He paused his game rolled his eyes at me. “You know, I’ve got a lot of friends that would beat you up for saying that.”


“Yeah, your Nerdcraft friends. You know, Toby, what you should do is go up to the park and meet a girl. Or go riding on your bike and meet a girl.”


“Why should I meet a girl?”


“Because the way it looks right now, you’re probably going to end up marrying your computer and being a nerd for the rest of your life. Or just go meet some friends!!”


Toby rolled his eyes and shut off his game. “Fiiinee.” I followed him out the door and stopped as soon as I heard, “Hey, Skye.” and my eyes turned to meet the big, brown eyes that belonged to none other than Liam Payne

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