Can We Fall, One More Time?

When Liam broke Skye's heart three years ago when they were sixteen, she never expected to see him again. She never wanted to, either. But for Christmas she's going back to her family's cottage, and guess who's family lives right next door? Liam's. Of course she thinks that he'll be off somewhere in a luxurious hotel, eating overly expensive chocolate and hanging out with the other four members of One Direction. But she never expected him to come to visit, and she definitely never expected him to take an interest in her again.


2. Can We Fall, One More Time?


Can We Fall, One More Time?

Chapter Two(:

It’s been a week since after that interview. It’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I’m feeling panicked because I wasn’t as focused as I should’ve been for my final yesterday. And now I’m sitting on my computer, constantly refreshing my e-mail to see my final results. I’ve been like this all day.

I finally heard the ping signaling that I got an e-mail. I checked it, and it was from my college. My results were in! I sat there for a minute. These results would determine whether or not I would graduate after Christmas. (yeah, my school graduates after Christmas.) I took a deep breath and clicked on the e-mail. I opened it and it said:

Congratulations! Skye Johnson, you have earned your degree in psychology!

That’s all I needed to read to do a happy dance. I was finally finished with college! I could go home and not have to worry about anything about school! I was so happy. I instantly grabbed my phone and called up my mom.


“MOM!! OHMIGOD MOM!!! I PASSED THE FINAL!!! I PASSED THE FINAL!!!” I basically yelled into the phone. I started jumping up and down and I heard my mom happy-scream.


“Seriously?! Oh my goodness, sweetie I am so proud of you!!! I can’t wait to see you in a couple of days! We’re going up to the cottage for Christmas, and guess what? You know our old cottage neighbors, the Paynes? They’re going to be up the same time we are! Isn’t that great?”


I stopped from jumping up and down and sunk in her words. “Wait… W-what?” I asked her.


“The Paynes, you know, the ones with their son, Liam? He’s about your age.”


“Mom, you don’t remember what happened between me and Liam, do you?” She stayed silent for a minute.


“OH! Oh sweetie I totally forgot! Then that isn’t that great… Well, we’ll just try to keep it cool. I can’t wait to see you, honey!! I have to go, Toby is supposed to be going to bed. Bye love!”


“Bye mom!” I hung up and then rolled my eyes. Toby, my thirteen year old brother, was always staying up too late. I then decided to check out my Twitter, which I hadn’t done in awhile. I logged in to see that I had a billion mentions, from people I didn’t even know.


“@SkyeJohnson Liam’s story is so sweet! I hope that you two get back together, he seems that he really likes you! xx” was from a random fan called @judypatootey.


I also had a mention from LOUIS TOMLINSON! From One Direction! “@SkyeJohnson, Liam is so nervous to see you over Christmas break. It’s hilarious. Before he left we had to give him an hour-long pep talk!! Don’t break his heart, please, otherwise we’ll have to hear all about it! Louis xx” I laughed at that tweet. Break his heart? Ha. That’s not even possible. But still, looking at all of these tweets, I had to bang my head on the table a little bit. If I do break his heart, I’ll get a bunch of hate. AND Liam will probably never talk to me again. But, when I think about it, I still do have a little bit of feelings for Liam…


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