Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


10. Zayn

I got up again. I had a nightmare it was still dark outside. I looked at Harry I was still wrapped in his arms. He looked so exhausted. I slowly moved my arms from around him careful not to wake him. I looked at the clock it was just four in the morning. I went out onto the porch and saw the back of someone they were looking out into the forrest. "Zayn?", He turned around with a cigarette inbetween his lips. If i wasnt so sad and confused I would find zayn sexy he was only in his pajama bottoms and his chest was bare with his arms crossed. He opened his arms which i gadly went into them. I burred my head into his chest. Taking in his scent, it was a mixture of smoke and bodywash it suited him. He threw his cigarette out and then began running his fingers through my hair. "What are you doing up love?", "Im tired of sleeping", he chuckled then walked us over to the hammock. He layed down pulling me with him so I was laying completely on top of him. "Tell me the real reason why you are out here Jess". I looked up at him resting my chin on his chest, he looked down at me still running his fingers through my hair. "I needed to think", "About what?", "I dunno I just wanted to clear my mind", "What was on your mind?". I sighed laying head back down. bringing my hand up to Zayn`s sides rubbing circles into his stomach. He grunted "what Stefan said to me?", "Do you want to talk about it?", "Not really", "But you need to", "I know", "Ok so talk". I sighed again. "He said that he was sorry he still Loved me, he wanted me to forgive him, and..". "And?", I looked up at him "He told me to move on". He Sighed too Pulled me up so my head was now in the crook of his neck. He started to rub my back "So what do you want?". I leaned up looking at him "I want you to make me forget him, Zayn". He looked sad "why?", "Because she`s pregnant". Understanding flashed across his face, I didnt have to explain he knew who I was talking about. He stopped rubbing my back as I started to lean in. I looked at his eyes and then his lips as I closed mine. Our lips touched not moving, I used my lips to part his as he slowly started kissing me back. He was being so careful not using his tongue at all just our lips, he was treating me like I was fragile. His hand moved from my back up to my cheaks as he pulled away "You`re not ready for this doll", He looked pained.  "Please, Zayn", I begged I was broken and vunerable and he knew it. He sighed and I lay my head back down on his chest as he began to stroke my back again. "You are going to kill me jess". I began to rub my thumb up and down his arm "Why?". He Kissed my Head "because you dont know what affect you have on me". I kissed his chest, then again, and again. Starting at his collar bone then one after another up his neck, along his jaw bone to the side of his mouth. He shut his eyes a supressed a moan. He lifted a hand to my cheek pulling my eyes to meet his. "Go easy on me, we have to take this slow, you have me wrapped around your little finger, I dont want to take advantage of you.". He kissed my lips gently then Layed my head in his neck. "What if I want you to take advantage of me", He kissed my forehead "I care to much about you already to do that". I closed my eyes listening to the noises outside. After some more relaxing moments something occured to me. "Zayn?", I said looking back up at him. He had his face facing the sky. The moon was reflecting off his eyes and chiseled features. He looked perfect I couldnt resist the urge to kiss him somewhere. So I did right on his cheekbones. "Yes doll?", he said looking down at me. "What about Harry?", he furrowed his brow at me, he was frustrated that I had brought him up. "Do you Love Harry?", He asked looked me square in the eye. It took me off guard and I had to think about it. Like really think about it. I didnt think I did.. wait I know I didnt I couldnt. Yes I cared for Harry, but I have to be honest I dont want to be with Harry, I dont want to be with him at all. "No, I dont", He looked at me and sighed in relief. He leaned down kissed my forehead and kept staring at the stars. "Well then what about him?". I sighed to laying my head back on his chest "I dont want to hurt him", "Well then we dont have to tell him just yet doll", "Can we not tell anyone Zayn?", "If thats what you want doll", I closed my eyes as he stroked my hair. What have I gotten myself into?

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