Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


11. you made a fool out of me again!!

Its been two days since me and Zayn came to our 'agreement', if thats what you could call it. The plan was I still sleep in Harry`s room until everything blows over then when I go back home after the funeral which Harry would accompany , me and zayn say we ran into each other again and thats how our new relationship would start. I have to say I had a bad feeling but Zayn kept saying it would all work out we were standing in the kitchen talking about it now more like whispering, because everyone was in the living room. "I dunno Zayn it just doesnt feel right.", "Listen doll it wil be ok,and if not we will deal with it then.", "I dont know I feel guilty I dont want to hurt Harry", He tensed up and walked closer to me wrapping his arms around my waist and peering in my eyes "I dont want to either, he is one f my best mates, but i have wanted you since the moment I first laid my eyes on you", he leaned down pecking my lips. I brushed it off "I know but he was there for me, and after all he did take my virginity". He let go of me and his face hardened "WHAT!!???". I panicked "Shhsshh Zayn keep your voice down". He glared at me mumbling things I couldnt make out. He turned his back to me gripping the counter. It pained me to see him so upset. I walked behind him wrapping my arms around him and placed my chin on his shoulder "Im sorry", I whispered. He sighed and sunk his head "Do you love him?". I sighed kissing the back of his neck "No, but I do care about him, A lot.". He turned around taking my hand in his "And what about me, How do you feel about me?". I bit my lip "I care about you too", "but do you love me?". I looked down "I dont know that I love you but, i care about you and Iike you way more than a lot". "He dropped my hand and turned to leave, he wa hurting "No! Zayn wait!", I grabbed his arm turning him around. He pushed me into the counter so his body was pushed against mine and I had no where to run. "Why cant you see that im falling in love with you, why cant you see that!", He hised at me continuing before i coud answer him "let me make love to you, let me prove it to you, let me show you that I love". I was frightened this side if him scared me but also made me weak i dint want to argue back and that was scary. "I dunno, z-zayn". He growled "You dont know what you do to me doll!", He pushed his lip onto mine forcefully making my breathless,and a little dizzy "Say yes!", he growled, Pushing his lips to mine again and biting my lower lip. He was making me feel faint and I didnt know how much more my limbs would function before I gace in "y-yes", I mumbled, Wait what was I saying. He grinned taking me into his arms and giving me little kisses all over my face. What just happened?

Harry`s P.O.V.

 I was sitting on the couch Jess had disappeared a little while ago. I was worried about her she had been acting a little distant lately but I think its just because of Stefan, she still wont tell me what they talked about before he died, she seemed upset by it. I told everyone i was going to check on Jess. I walked around the corner on my way to the kitchen but I heard whispering. I stopped peaking around the corner jess and zayn where there talking. "I dont know Zayn it just doesnt feel right". What were they talking about I stopped my self from going any further and started to ease drop. Wait he was hitting on her. Then he did something that pissed me off he kissed her. I was about to punch him straight in the face til jess`s words stopped me "I know but he was there for me, and after all he did take my virginity", I stopped and smiled remembering the night it was magical. I felt smug as I saw him pull away and get angry. She placed her arms around him, it made me a little jealous to see her comfort him, why was she doing that, he didnt matter. She was with me right after all we did sleep together more than one. and each time was even better. "Do you love him?", That got my attention my heart started to beat fast. I leaned closer to make sure I could hear properly. What was she going to say?? I waited she opened her mouth "No, nut I do care about him a lot", my heart sunk I felt like I had to throw up. How could I love her so much, more than I have ever loved any one else. And yet she doesnt love me at all. I felt a tear fall down my cheak. Damn. stupid tears, i cant cry I am not weak. I didnt realize they were still talking until I heard her speak again "I dont know that I love you, but i care about you and like you way more than a lot". Ouch that stung, another tear fell and I wiped it away. I have never been in so much pain before.I blinked missing more of their conversation as I saw zayn push himself against her  "Let me make love to you, let me prove it to you, let me show you that I love you", More tears escaped. Hot tears, that burned my face as I released my pain but I cant cry im not weak. He growled and pushed his lip to hers, kissing her, wait what she say?. "Say yes!", he growled again forcing his lips back to hers. why, why was he doing this to me he knew I loved her, I told him I did, why would he do this. "y-yes", she whimpered. That was it. It tore me apart. She broke me. It killed me she said yes. That was all it took and I started to ball like a little baby. I ran around the corner spring for the stairs jumping three steps at a time. I dodged into my room slamming the door. Her shirt was lying on the bed I gripped it in my hands and then threw i to the ground. I punched the wall my tears turning to pure anger. Two can play at this game!! I think its time I gave Leesa a call!

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