Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


37. You cant

As I sat in Zayn`s arms the hospital door creaked open. A head of curls entered the room holding a vase of flowers. Harry took one look at me and Zayn and instantly his smile faltered. "So you`re back together?", his eyes found mine. I couldnt force my mouth to form words it was like I was to scared to speak. I didnt want to hurt harry cause I loved him but I also loved Zayn. "Yea mate we are", Zayn said but Harry`s eyes never left mine. First sadness stretched across then was quickly washed away by anger. He threw the face to the ground sending glass and water to splash everywhere. "NO I WONT LET YOU!!", he screamed. Instantly tears fell down my face "Harry please", I begged sitting up in the bed. "NO I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE CANT YOU SEE WHAT HE DOES TO YOU!!! YOU TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF!!! NO I WONT LET IT HAPPEN!!!", he yelled at me. "I love him", I tried to plead with him. He stood there utterely shocked "AND YOU THINK I DONT LOVE YOU, IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! jess I want you, I need you", his voice broke as a single tear escaped his eyes. I just wish for once me and Harry could be together and it not turn into a fight. I just wanted to walk into his arms and comfort him but im afraid that would hurt Zayn. Just then my doctor walked in with his broad shoulders and stringy redish blonde hair. "Are you in pain?", He asked me worridly. I just nodded. It wasnt completely a lie. I was in pain but it was more emotional then physical. "Alright I will get you some melatonin and morphine ok". I nodded and he headed for the door but turned around quickly looking from me, to zayn, to harry "You are only aloud one visitor to stay over night love". My cheeks flushed "Im staying!", Harry said quickly looking at Zayn. Zayn`s arms wrapped around me protectively "Like hell she is my girlfriend, Im staying". Harry quickly grew angry "Well im the one who found her!", I felt like that statement had more than one meaning. "What?", My voice came out as a choked whisper and both of their eyes turned to me. " I found you Jess, It had been like an hour after our arguement and you wouldnt pick up any of my calls, I was trying to apologize. So I went back to your house, but your mother said you hadnt came out of your room since it had all happened. I went upstairs and knocked but you wouldnt open the door. I began to panick because I didnt hear anything. I burst in and I found you lying across your bed unconscience. Then I saw the empty pill bottle", his voice was faltering it was killing him to tell this story but he did it anyway. we both had tears in our eyes. Harry continued "I thought I had lost you jess, I didnt know what to do, you were barely breathing, and I kept calling your name but you never opened your eyes. Then your mom ran in she heard my screaming, and said she had to call an ambulance, but I wouldnt wait I drove you here myself", the tears were just pouring from his face as mine. So thats how I ended up here. It was Harry. I wanted to wrap him in my arms and tell him everything was going to be ok "oh Harry", I cooed ignoring the pain in my head by standing and hugging him tightly. He cried on my shoulder mumbling things like "I thought you were dead", "I cant loose you", "I need you Jess". Suddenly a thought occurred. I looked at Zayn "How did you find out?". He looked at me puzzeled "your sister called me". I frowned "Babe listen I came over as fast as I could, Jess I love you, you know that", he said breaking my thought. I let go of Harry and turned to Zayn "Where were you?". Before he could answer me the doctor came in and saw what was going on "Oh no sweety we have to get you back in that bed", he said ushering me in and tucking my covers "We need you to rest". He turned and injected two liquids into the iv in my arm. My headed instantly siezed but I began to feel drowsy too. I layed my head down my eyes feeling heavy. I still had one thing on my mind where was Zayn. Why didnt he come back for me like Harry did. Why did my sister have to call him. At least he was here right that should be enough right? And we were back together. The doctor turned to me before leaving "They are starting to kick in yeah?", I nodded to weak to say more. He chuckled and then turned serious "Visiting hours are almost over, have you decided who is staying Love?". I opened my eyes wide awake now. They were met with Harry`s and Zayn`s. They both wanted an answer both looking hopeful, but who do I choose? How do I choose?

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