Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


43. You cant do this to me!

I went to the cottage. I just needed a few minutes to think. So much wasgoing through my head right now! I went to the bedroom, so many memories of Zayn rushed into my head. This was always going to be my favourite place now. I stared out at the water till I heard a voice speak "I knew you would be here". I knew it was Zayn I didnt even have to turn around to know that. I felt him sit  behind me pulling me into his lap. I layed my head back resting it on his shoulder and intertwined our fingers, im never going to get tired of this. Just being so close to him. It couldnt get more perfect. I sighed relaxing into him. He huffed "Doll, I need to tell you something", his voice sounded weary making me lift my head. I turned around taking his hand in mine. Something was wrong I could sense it. "What is it baby?". He looked down, not meeting my eye. "I think its best if we end this, before...". My breathe hitched in my throat I couldnt breath this couldnt be happening. not again not this way. "Before what?", I choked out. "Before I string you along even more", he said. "What? Zayn Baby what are you talking about?", I wasnt going to cry not yet. He sighed standing up releasing my hand "This.. us..", he pointed between me and him "It isnt going to work, it isnt working and hasnt been, your mum and sister, even see it and I cant keep making myself be with you because it makes you happy, when im not.". My head dropped, I stared out the ground "I didnt know I was making you unhappy, I I.. love you". He walked to the door looking back "I know and im sorry that you do, it was a mistake. Dating you was a mistake and what happened in here that day was a mistake". I couldnt help it with each word he was breaking my heart. My eyes started to water "You dont mean that,.. you cant.. Zayn we made love", I was begging standing inching closer to him. I was pleading. this couldnt be happening. He frowned at my state his face showing no emotion "No we had sex, that was it just sex it didnt mean anything and what ever it was we had is over, let me go", and with that he left not looking back. I stood there stunned. Please someone wake me up pinch me, shoot me whatever. It couldnt be over. He was just tricking me right?. Anger flooded me was this some sick joke. I looked frantically around the room. I saw a glass picture frame that had a picture of me and my friend Erika in it, and threw it at the wall it shattering. This was it it was really over, he never loved me I was just his toy, his doll. I sunk to my knees crying. Im never ever going to forgive myself for being so stupid.

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