Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


47. You cant be serious

I was absolutely stunned. I hadnt even opened my mouth. I actually couldnt breathe I was begining to feel light head and Harry noticed it "Breathe Jess", he said directing me to the bed never letting go of my hand. I took a moment taking in a deep breath and then I was off like a rocket the words just flowing from my mouth "Harry are you out of your fucking mind, you cant be serious we barely know each other, I just got dumped by your best friend, Im only 18 and your 19 we are just kids, and you have your whole life ahead of you why would you just through it all away, what about the boys, Louis? what about Zayn?  what about my mother or or scarlet, what if we got married and then I got pregant im too young Harry I cant do that I..I". He was towering over me where I sat "Shut up", his voice came out like venom, so harsh and upsetting. He saw my nervous expression and then smirked. He kneeled down infront of me resting his hands on my thighs and looked me in the eyes. "Look me dead in the eye and tell me you dont love me and I will forget I ever asked", He said holding my gaze. "I..I?", "You what?", he cut me off. I sighed looking down "I cant". He pulled me into him his hands now resting on my waist "look at me Jess". I did as I was told more so out of fear than anything. "I love you and sure its only been a few weeks, and yes you have put me through hell and back, but if it meant that you had to make mistakes to come back to me then it was worth it. I want you to be mine and only mine. I want it to be like it was the first days we met. And the only way I see you keeping your promise to me and not loving another man is to marry you. Yes I know you still love Zayn, but if you just give me a chance you will be happy, if it takes my last breath I will make you Happy. And soo.. we are still teenager but It doesnt matter love is love. My career wont be over, as long as I have you. And if you want we can get married an elope. About you getting pregnant sure I want to be a dad maybe not now, but that just means we will have to use lots of condoms and keep you on birth control". I chuckled a tear rolling down my eye. He gave me his sideways grin that I love and wiped it away with his thumb. I draped my hands around his neck "You really mean that?". He leaned in kissing my nose "Every word princess". "Harry but we are so young my mother wouldnt aprove, and neither would the guys, or your parents and your fans, they dont even know who I am". He furrowed his brows "What is this really all about because I hear a but somewhere". I looked him in the eyes "Its just I always wanted my family their when i got married, cant we just wait, until im older and over Zayn". His face turned to sadness "Zayn, this is the reason isnt it?". I nodded "Its not fair to you Harry Ive hurt you so much already, you deserve someone better than me someone who will love you completely, someone unlike me who is still in love with another man.". He stood up angered "Well if you say no, you will hurt me more". I stood too walking over to him I reached for his hand but he jerked it away "Yes or no?". I looked down "Harry promise me that when we are old enough we will have a real wedding one that our friends and family can come too."

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