Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


6. well if you feel that way

The whole gym workout was exciting which is way more than I can normally say for any other workout. I would have to say that it was mostly from the endless flirting between me and Zayn. He really had a way with his words. That even through an entire 3 hour sweaty gym workout he somehow found a way to seduce me. It was quite motivating actually just glancing at him to notice that he was staring at me as I ran on the treadmill or even caught him slapping my bum as I walked by, made me want to work harder. But sadly our joyous trip had to end from exhaustion and a very unpleasant Harry telling Liam we should have been back by now. I found it quite funny actually. But anyway we were just pulling up to there massive house. Zayn held the door open for me like a true gentlemen but I saw all to well behind his little act. Which was still fine by me I had no intention in getting in a relationship again, well not so soon anyway. I thanked him as I ran up the stairs into Harry`s room so I could retrieve my things take a shower and be on my way. "Harry?", I called out for him in his room, I searched around and didnt find him. Good so I could change and shower in peace. I picked up my bag placing it on his bed and threw off my tank and shorts.  I turned around only standing in my knickers and bra. "OI!!!", I jumped, nearly having a heart attack. Harry was standing right there looking at me bitting his bottom lip, he still looked a little put off from earlier but he was starting unfocus ore and more as his eyes trailed my body. "You scarred me, did you want something?", I kept walking heading straight for the bathroom not waiting for him to answer. "Well yes actually I did", he was following right behind me, he propped himself on the bathroom counter top so he was sitting, watching me as I turned the shower on and pulled my hair out of its high ponytail. "Well?", I pressed turning around so I was stepping into the shower. "Well I was wondering where you were going after you left here?", "Hotel", I replied as the cold water rinsed through my hair. There was nothing like a cold shower to make you feel relaxed after a nice workout. "Which one?", "dunno", I was being short with him on purpose I hadnt fully forgiven him for his banter about my height. "So you`re just trying to piss me off even more by being short with me", "dont care", I shot back as the rest of the soap rinsed off my body filling my nose with the coconut body wash. I heard him huff and then his feet hit the ground as he got off the sink. I just figured he walked out defeated, becuase the bathroom got quiet again. Suddenly the water turned scorching hot causing me to yelp and then jump out into the cold air completely nude and wet. I saw Harry retract his hand from behind the shower curtain as he turned the water off. He stood facing me with a towel in his hands. I just snatched it from him clinging it close to me. I looked up at him then muttered "Jackass", as I pushed passed him heading back into his room. He followed me out again right on my heel "Oh dont act like you`re such a little angel either, you were completely rude to me this morning, acting like you had a stick shoved up your ass!". No he did not!, that sent me over the edge I turned sharply on my heels, letting the towel fall to the floor. I had only had enough time to put on some pink lacey knickers before he hit me with that. "Excuse me!?", I spat "Dont act like you know me!, Just because I DIDNT SPEND THE DAY DOING WHAT YOUR STUBBORN ASS WANTED TO DO DOESNT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JU...", "STUBBORN,!!!!! STUBBORN,!!!! YOU ARE CALLING ME STUBBORN!!!!", he was getting closer to me as he said each word. We wEre both radiating heat, I dont think one person had ever made me this angry in such a short amount of time after only knowing them for less than 24 hours. "ADMIT IT YOU ONLY WENT TO THE GYM JUST TO PISS ME OFF!!!", he said the last few words with venom balling his fist, this only made me more angry, not like I needed it. I have always enjoyed arguing with people just for the sake of getting under their skin but never has someone ever been able to do it to me. "OH YES CAUSE THAT IS JUST WHAT I LIVE FOR TO PISS HARRY STYLES THE FUCK OFF, GET REAL". Well if he wasnt angry before he sure was now he stormed closer to me his chest pressing against mine as he took in ragid breaths as it rose up and down, his face was only inches from mine. "OH SAVE THE BULL YOU DID DO IT TO PISS ME OFF ADMIT IT, IM NOT DUMB LIKE YOU WANTED TO WORK OUT YOU JUST DID IT SO I WOULD GET MAD THAT YOU WERE TRYING TO FLIRT WITH ZAYN!!!". Bingo I found his weak spot now I was really going to push him over the edge. "IT WORKED DIDNT IT!!", "I KNEW IT I FUCKING KNEW IT,". Time for the grand finally, hit him where it hurts. "YOU KNOW STYLES THATS WHO I SHOULD HAVE SLEPT WITH ANYWAY, OBVIOUSLY LAST NIGHT WASNT ALL THAT SPECTACULAR IF I CANT REMEMBER IT, IM SURE ZAYN WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT BETTER!!". That was it his eyes got wide and his vains started bulging out of his neck, and his knuckles turned white. He actaully growled like he was going to turn savage. "IM GONNA MAKE YOU REMEMBER!!!", he pushed me on the bed ripping my knickers off. His hands wrapped around my wrist pulling them over my head and forcing them to stay there. His lips traveled down my neck sucking and bitting everywhere. This was definately not the reaction I thought I was going to get and I sure as hell was not about to give into him. My anger was still raging, I tried to open my mouth to speak but before I could his lips crashed onto mine shortening my breath. He kissed with so much anger and lust it was unreal. I hate to say but his kiss was so amazing I forgot my own name or why I was mad at him in the first place. He pulled his lips away and brought the to my ear bitting my lobe. "I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU SCREAM MY NAME, MAKE YOU BEG FOR MORE", he growled in my ear making me shiver all over he was so aggressive when he was angry it made me slighly scarred and turned on at the same time. He put his lips to my other ear biting again " AND DONT THINK FOR ONE SECOND IM GOING TO BE GENTLE, ZAYN WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FUCK YOU THE WAY IM GOING TO!!!". He spoke with so much venom it made me cringe. Before i knew it he was pulling his clothes off and placing him self between my legs. "YOU`RE MINE!!", he growled again.   I was so terrified and turned on right now that all I could do was nod my head. He shoved into me hard not letting me adjust making his thrust fast, hard, and very precise. It was pain and pleasure at the same time, fire and ice, he leant down still thrusting and bit down on my collar bone sucking. I shut my eyes in pure ectasy, I really dont remember much more after that I was lost in my own world.

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