Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


20. Welcome Home

I heard foot steps coming up the steps. I walked out to see my mum followed by Harry, Zayn, and Mammy.  I smiled I was the happiest I had been in a while. "Well ran right by me she did, didnt even say hi to ole Mammy". I laughed and ran to mammy engulfing her in a hug "Oh I missed you so much mammy". She laughed "Course you did sugar, you missed my cooking thats all", she scowleded jokingly. I chuckled "oh MAMMY!!". She laughed "Im just pullin your leg, I is". Zayn and Harry looked at mammy bemused. Mammy was born and raised in the heart of texas, or texsees as she likes to say it, she had the strongest country accent. "Mammy this is Harry and Zayn!". She mumbled "Mammy doesnt like young men under the same roof as lil miss jess, specially not good looking ones". Mum chuckled "Its is alright Mammy they wont be in the same room". "Well, good ! they shouldnt even be on the same floor, sides anyway I know my jess, which one she fancy?". Zayn blushed and looked away. "Mammy, Zayn here is dating jess", my mum said touching Zayn`s shoulder. Mammy huffed "courting, and beaus, my little jess is too young, changed her diapers I did", she said giving Zayn a look and walking down the stairs. I looked at Harry and we both burst into fits of laughter. "Ok, ok, you two!", My mum said shhshing us, as zayn frowned. I laughed and pecked his lips making him smile. "Ok let me show you to your rooms". She pointed to the door slightly across from my room "Harry that will be your room". She pointed to the door at the very end of the hallway next to the stairs, it was the farthest away. "Zayn this will be yours, Cant have you so close to my little girl". She turned back to me "Jess you help Harry settle in while I help Zayn, we need to have a little chat". Me and Harry laughed as Zayn`s face turned red and he followed my mum into the room, where she shut the door. I led Harry in the room where he set his bags down. "Its lovely", Harry said looking at the walls. I smiled "It used to be my brothers". Harry turned to me "I didnt know you had a brother!", he looked confused. "Yea an older brother and a younger sister, she should be home in a couple of hours", I said matter of factly. He frowned "Why didnt you tell me?", I shrugged "It never came up". I walked to my brothers tv, he left all of his games and favourite movies, he was in such a hurry. Harry`s eyes were on me the whole time as he sat on the bed watching me. "Where is he?", I turned and took a seat beside him "He left when he turned 19, mum wanted him to stay here for college but he refused, so he left in a hurry after they had a big fight. Then a week later he called saying he had married his girlfriend Melonie, and moved to the states, I havent seen him since, he`s 21 now". Harry frowned and rubbed my back. I layed my head on his shoulder, as he wrapped his arms around me "I`m sorry", he said kissing my hair. I sighed "Its ok, its nothing we can do". I closed my eyes, for the first time I felt relieved to be telling someone all this. I felt like I was having a strange connection with Harry. But what was even stranger was the fact I hadnt even told zayn, and I didnt really want to". I got up "Lets get your bags put up". Harry frowned and stood up looking down into my eyes "You`re doing it again, pushing me away". I shrugged "I`m sorry its just easy that way". He grabbed both my arms and leaned to kiss my lips. I dont know what came over me but I felt myself leaning in too. I looked from his eyes to his lips as he licked his lips, I closed my eyes leaning in more. I felt his breath tickle me face, Our lips barely touching each other before I pulled away. I blinked clearing my head I stepped back "I`m so sorry I dunnno what..", I stuttered. He looked shocked and frustrated that I pulled away "Jess, I want you to know that im here for you and when you are done with Zayn im still here, and I will be there for you when he hurts you". I gave him a grave smile "He isnt going to hurt me Harry". I scurried out of the room shutting the door just as my mum was walking out of Zayn`s room. I ran into my room and flopped on my bed. What the hell was that!!!???!!!

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