Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


36. tumblr

Sorry for getting your hopes up!!! This is not an update just some new!!! I will be updating everyone of my movellas tommorow!!!! The reason being for not doing it today was it seriously took me 4 hours to redo my tumblr page and IM STILL NOT DONE :( Im very excited about it though!!!! Its going to have Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor fitness plans, diet plans, inspireds, and beauty tips, hair tutorials, and I will be doing personal imagines for the guys!! so follow if you havent!! By the way I hope I havent disappointed you guys so far I know some of you arent fond of Jayn!! but are Jarry !!!! fans but please keep reading and liking!! thank you guys so much im almost at 1000 reads which was my goal... And 100 likes you guys are so fantastic!! see you tommorow!! its a big day ahead<<< spoiler!!!! Harry finds out they are back together!!!!! DUH DUH DUH<<< fail haha goodnight love you Claire!!

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