Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


13. The ultimate shock

Harry`s P.O.V.

I cant believe she told him that she loved him. That hurt more than anything, than either of them had done to me before. I saw as he kissed her then lead her to the car. I felt arms snake around me "Come on Harry I want to dance", I turned around to meet Leesa`s eyes. She had really change she was even prettier. She had gotten a little taller maybe an inch or two. And she got contacts, her hair was still the same but longer now it was at her back. She was hot. Right now she was just what I needed. I kissed her, and wrapped my arms around her "How about we skip dancing and go straight back to my room". She frowned "But harry I want to dance and have fun", I kissed her again "Come on Lees,I havent seen you in three months, besides im sure we will have a lot more fun, when I get my hands on you, my little rebel". She smirked and took my hand. It occurred to me why I ever broke up with Leesa, I mean she was a really sweet girl, and very pretty. But sometimes she paid a little more attention to Niall than me. I even caught her kissing him one time. Of course that didnt change anything we had a lot of fun together, but we didnt really connenct in all honesty the only reason I think she said yes to going out with me tonight was because I told her Niall was going to be there. When we got back to the flat I noticed it was really quiet and most of the lights were still off. Soon as I opened my room door. Leesa was there ripping my close off and kissing me. Part of me felt guilty for what I was about to do. the other part was very turned on and said what the hell. Before I knew it me and Leesa were naked and panting laying on my bed. "That was amazing, lets do it again", she said climbing on top of me. Here we go again.

Jess`s P.O.V.

My tears had finally stopped. Zayn took us to get icecream before we went back to the flat he thought it would cheer me up. We walked in not bothering to turn on any lights. We walked into Zayn`s room as he started to strip from his suit. 'I am just going to go get my clothes from Harry`s room". I walked into his bathroom not bothering to turn on the lights there either. Where is that darn brush. I heard his door slam then rustling. I peeked out the door. I gasped my hand covering my mouth. It was that girl Leeas and Harry they were making out. And getting rid of each others clothes pretty quickly. "Oh harry ive missed your body", she said, he didnt say anything just kissed her again. I peeked again they were both fully naked and making their way to his bed. I took this as my chance I ran for the door trying to be as quiet as I could. I didnt look back or bother trying to shut the door. I ran into Zayn`s room. He looked startled only standing in his boxers fixing his hair. "Where`s your clothes?", Before I could open my mouth. We heard a moan "Oh Harry faster". Tears started to escape my eyes as hugged me. I wrapped my legs around him so he was carrying me. He layed us on the bed. "I could kill him for bringing her here", he hissed. I wiped my tears. I dont know why I was crying it shouldnt matter to me at all. Bur it hurt how could he sleep with another girl let alone his ex after just days of sleeping with me. He never did care for me. It was all an act. "You love him dont you?" Zayn asked rubbing my back." I dont want to", was all I could say. He sighed and his hands got still. He looked up at the ceiling. I looked up and dried my tears "But I love you too". He sighed not looking down "I know doll. I know". I was hurting him too. Ugh why did Harry have to get in the way of this. I began kissing his abs, his beautiful abs, then his chest , making it to his collar bone before he stopped me. "Stop Jess", He said sternly. "But I want you" I pleaded continuining making my way up his neck then to his jaw. "I mean it Jess stop", he tried to command but it came out as a husky moan. "But I really want you", I pleaded even more in a seductive voice. I teased his lips with mine before, kissing him, asking for entrance with my tongue which he granted.  He pulled away"I want you too" he said he opened his mouth to speak again. But I stopped him bringing my lips back to his and trailed my hand down to his boxers. He grunted braking away and grabbed my arm pulling it back to his chest. "I mean it Jess stop this". I sighed defeated and started to pout "But i thought you wanted to make love to me". He sighed and brought his hand to my face carresing my cheek with his thumb "I do want to make love to you jess, but I want to do it when you are ready, and definately not because of Harry".  "Fine", I grumbled getting off of him and rolling on my side putting my back to him. "Dammit Jess", He yelled. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him so my back was touching his chest. He kissed my temple then my shoulder. "Come on doll dont be like this, Im sorry". I sighed then rolled over into his arms and intertwined my legs with his. "No im sorry, I love you Zayn", I said kissing his shoulder and resting my head there. He kissed my hair "I love you too doll". We stayed there in each others arms. It was peaceful. That is until the moaning started again. And again with my waterworks. Way to ruin the moment. Zayn pulled me closer into him and tried to block my ears from hearing. But it didnt help, that girl had a pair of lungs on her. Im pretty sure the whole house heard.

Louis`s P.O.V.

We left and decided to come back to the flat nobody was really into a party mood anymore. We walked in turning on the lights. Weird I thought everyone else had come back to the flat. Thats when we all heard it. "oh Harry", it was a moan Leesa`s moan. We all looked at each other wide eyed. "Oh my", Eleanor said blushing. Liam instanly got mad and dragged danielle to his room. Niall looked embarressed and went to his. I took El`s hand and led her to my room where we got changed. We layed down. Trying to fall asleep. "Its been and hour all ready how much longer can they go at it", El said clearly frustrated. I was pissed too "Harry`s is going to get it in the morning".

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