Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


38. The big question

"I want my mother", The doctor nodded "ok Love I will go get her yeah?". He walked out and I looked down at my hands as I figited with them.  I felt a finger under my chin pulling my face up. It was zayn he looked into my eyes giving me a slight smile "its ok doll I understand im not mad". I sighed relief washing over me. He slowly began to lean in making sure it was ok looking from my eyes to my lips and back again. I cupped my hand to his cheek welcoming it. He teased my lips lightly brushing his passed mine. I placed my other hand behind his neck bringing his face back to mine, causing him to grin. His lips were so soft and warm, just inviting, I felt safe whenever I was with Zayn, like everything would be ok. The kiss was lasting longer than inspected, but that quickly changed when Harry coughed, clearly letting us know that was enough. Zayn pulled away slowly smiling at me "I will see you first thing tomorrow yeah?", I nodded smiling at him. "Im going to miss holding you in my arms tonight, I love you doll", he said pecking my lips again. "I love you too Zayn", I relecutantly let him go. He turned to harry giving him a grimace which Harry returned with a smirk and walked out the door. I stared after his back, til I could see him no longer. In all honesty it took everything I had not to ask Zayn to stay. My chest was hurting from the anxiety of him possibly walking out that door and never coming back. Never holding me again, never kissing me again, Never..saying he loves me again. But another part of me said that I needed to give zayn some space he wouldnt forgive me that easily, after all I did kiss Harry first. And it was dangerous how I was becoming everytime I wasnt near Zayn. I always had a little voice in my head saying we were no good for each other.  Harry frowned at me walking closer "Why do you love him so much?". I looked at him and shrugged "I cant even begin to explain, I just know when he isnt near me I feel empty". He took my hand in his and kissed my palms "Thats exactly how I feel when I see you with him". He got up and Kissed my cheek then my forhead and headed for the door. Thats it thats all he was going to say? "Harry wait!", I called after him. He turned around in the doorway showing no expression. "Harry this may be an off question, but when you think of me and you, what number pops into your head?", I thought he was going to give me some weird look, or even ask why I would think of such a dumb question, but he didnt. "3", he said simply walking out the door. "I love you Harry", I mumbled, I didnt think he could hear me but a few seconds passed and he was still standing in the doorway just looking at me. "Why do you do that?, huh why do you use that against me?, why do you even say it to me?", he asked flustered. I looked him square in the eye "because I wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing that this moment could be the last time I ever see you, and I didnt say how I truly felt about you". He continued to stare at me, not saying a word, after another minute he left without even so much as a good bye.

A few more moments passed and my mother walked in looking very tired. She smiled and walked over wrapping me in a hug and kissing the top of my head "I thought for sure you were going to ask Zayn to stay with you instead". I shrugged and layed down " I needed my mothers love, and After what happed earlier I think I need my space, I scared my self mum, and Im sorry if I scared you too." She smiled at me and sat in the recliner stretching it back as I tossed her two of my blankets and a pillow. "Just promise me one thing jess", she said "that you wont ever do it again". "I promise", I said blowing her a kiss. Minutes passed after what felt like an hour, I still couldnt sleep there was just one thing on my mind. "Mum?", I asked kinda hoping she was sleep. "Yes sweety?", she said not openeing her eyes. "Can I ask you something?", she opened her eyes at the curiosity of my tone. She nodded so I asked "I had a dream, and its been getting at me, there is this family and I can only see their back, and its not even clear, but I felt attached like I couldnt live without them, but I dont know what it means". She sat up wide awake now "Is this about Harry and Zayn?". I nodded unsure "I think so". "Well Jess deep down you know which path you can take one leads you to zayn and one leads you to Harry, you know which one you cant live without, but only you can make that decision, as much as I wish I can just keep you in my arms and protect you from the world, I cant. But I do know that you love with your whole heart and that both of those guys love you very much, but Id say you made it pretty clear y which one you cant live without. And you also know in that dream who you truly want, You just have to choose.". I layed my head down shutting my eyes that was a lot to take in. But shouldnt that stunt that I pulled prove that I couldnt live without Zayn, but there was just something about the way Harry looked at me that made my heart flutter. "Good night mum, I love you", "Good night Jess, I love you too, and sweet dreams honey".

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