Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


15. She doesnt hate you, she is just jealous

I woke up rather early that morning. Well to be honest I didnt really get any sleep. Finally around four in the morning the house was completely quiet. I just knew this whole morning was going to be awkward. Zayn was still asleep, he looked breath takingly beautiful but he was frowning. I kissed his lips making him stir, and got out from under his arms, he just turned over. I decided to make the whole house breakfast because yea we probably all needed it. It was only 8:45, so I knew everyone should be up pretty soon. I walked out of Zayn`s room throwing on a pair of his boxers over my knickers. He let me borrow a shirt last night, cause well yea as you know I didnt have the chance to get it. I walked down stairs putting on a pot of coffee, and brewing some tea. I started of first with the pancakes and waffels, then I made some, sausage, bacon, and turkey bacon for Zayn. I cut some strawberries and layed out some sugar then, I made a fruit salad for Dani. Just as I was scrambling the eggs niall, walked out. "HMM, Marry me?, you made all this?", he said gawking at the table I layed all the food out on. I laughed as he sat down. "What would you like, tea, coffee, milk, orange juice or apple juice?". "Orange Juice please". I smiled pouring him a glass. I took out enough plates for us all including Leesa. I placed the eggs on the table as Louis and Eleanor walked out. "Woah, babe look!", Louis said nudging El, she smiled sat down and said good morning. As I was setting down the syrup and butter, Liam and Danielle walked out, "Woah, I thought I was in a dream, I didnt even want to wake up, but im glad I did, niall is all ready at the table.", Dani laughed and gave me a hug saying thank you. I asked everyone what they wanted to drink and then poured them glasses. Zayn walked in He placed his hand on my stomach and kissed my hair "Smells good babe", he whispered so no one would hear. I did recieve a weird look from Niall and Eleanor, but i just shrugged. I poured him a glass of coffee, not even having to ask how he wanted it. Just as I was about to sit down Leesa walked down fully dressed in her business attire. I asked what she wanted to drink and she replied water. As I handed her the glass, everyone stared at me like I was about to crack, and just murder the poor girl, but to be honest I wasnt even mad at her. I sat down and we all began to eat. It was awkard at first but after about five minutes Louis decided to speak. "Where is Harry?", He asked looking at Leesa. "He said he was going to take a shower before coming down". I continued eating as if I didnt hear. To be honest I didnt want to even talk to anyone right now. Just then harry came down the stairs shirtless drawing all of our attention. He sat down pouring him a glass and taking out a plate "Morning", he replied. so basically his plan was to act like last night never happened. He took a bite "UGH!! This is amazing who made all this?". Danielle glared "Why, Jess did", she was definately not happy with him. I could feel his eyes on me but I decided to take a drink of my apple juice, not looking his way at all. "So Jess?", Leesa asked looking at me. I had no choice but to look her way, i didnt want to be rude after all she knew nothing that went on between me or Harry. "Hmm?", I asked looking her way. Everyones eyes were on me now. This couldnt be good. "How is your training going?". "Good I guess, I havent really worked out the pass two weeks.. you know.. for reasons", I said looking down letting my voice trail off. "Training, training for what?", Niall asked with a mouth. Befor I could even answer him she beat me to it. "Oh, she hasnt told you, well Jess here, is a very busy girl, as of now she is on the junior olympic figure skating team, on trials for competitive diving, and on the school volley team". I couldnt tell if she was doing this for spite or just plain boasting. There was a reason I never mentioned any of this to any of them. "Why didnt you tell me?", Zayn asking grabbing my attention. He looked a little hurt, which kind of made me feel guilty. "It never came up", I said frowning at him. "Well anyway I must be going", Leesa said getting up from the table. She walked over to Harry giving him a kiss and headed for the door. Before she walked out she turned back "Are you going to Stef`s funeral?". I tensed up looking in her direction and nodded. "I will tell Jaynie.., I saw you that is". I gave her a weak smile "How is she, Jaynie?". "She is fine". I sighed "and the?". "And the what?", she was really going to make me say it. "baby?", I whispered. She sighed and walked back over to me placing a hand on my shoulder. "Its healthy". I smiled and nodded. She moved her hand and headed back for the door "You know its what it seems, she doesnt really hate you, she was just jealous, that even though she had his child, he still loved you more.". With  that she left. I turned back to the table everyone was staring at me with wide mouths. Even Harry. "Why didnt you tell me, Jess?", Harry asked looking at me with sadness. "I looked at him for the first time since last night "Because I didnt have the heart to admit it to my self". I got up looking at everyones face "Im sorry you will have to excuse me im not hungry anymore". I decided to clear my head so I went to Harry`s room swiftly and decided to put on some work out clothes. I really needed a long run. I walked back down stairs. Everyone was still in the same position not saying a word. I walked passed the table not saying a word and out the door. I put my music in and just started running.

Harry`s P.O.V.

I watched as Jess walked out the door. Why didnt she say anything why did she tell no one. She indured that all on her own. Instead I hurt her even more. "I fucked up!", I said aloud everyone turned to me. Each one`s face saying something different. El and Niall looked sorry for me. Louis and Liam were mad but Zayn and Danielle were the worst I thought they were going to shoot me where i stood. "You think!", Zayn spat pushing his chair back. He walked out of the room. Everyone slowly started to leave. Niall patted by back "you really hurt her Harry". Danielle glared at me "I cant even look at you right now.". Louis Just shook his head and walked out. El came up to me and kissed my forehead ruffling my hair "I am so disapointed in you Harry she really loves you, and you hurt her more than you could ever know", that one hurt the most. El was disapointed and most likely right. She left following Louis. Liam looked at me and gave me a weak smile "If you want her back you are going to have to work for her mate, cause Zayn is moving in, and right now you have given her every reason to go to him". He was right. I sunk my head in my hands. I really screwed up. Like majorly. No matter how hurt I was I hurt her a thousand times worse. She didnt deserve any of this. I have to get her back!!! I love her.

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