Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


45. Right from the start

I sat there to empty to cry anymore. It had to maybe have been about two hours since zayn left. I heaved myself off the floor and headed back to the manor. I just want a shower and to sleep for the next month. The whole walk I couldnt help but think what did I do to make him leave, was I that much of a pain in the ass. He only stayed because he was making me happy, he didnt care about me not one bit. I knocked on the door mammy giving me a frown but not saying anything. I heard my mother and sister come to where i was. They were rushing. I looked up seeing Harry with him and his luggage by the door. He walked over to me "Jess I just wanted to say im sorry for everything and im leaving". My heart dropped I looked into his eyes, that showed nothing. I couldnt do this it was all to much for me. Hot tears ran down my face. I was no longer sad I was angry completely and utterly pissed. "FINE! HARRY! JUST LEAVE NOW! BE JUST LIKE HIM AND LEAVE!", I turned swiftly only for him to pull me back around with a strong grip on my arm. "What are you talking about?", he sounded hurt but still angry. More tears escaped my eyes "He left, everyone leaves everyone I ever love leaves my borther, Stefan, him, and now you, so just leave!", I spat. I snatched my arm away and ran for my room slamming the door shut. I turned back at my door and just puched it once, then twice, then again, and again, and again, until my knucles began to bleed and a crack showed splitting my door. I let out a scream and just dropped to the floor breathing heavy. I was broken way beyond repair. I would never be able to love the same no matter how hard my head told me to my heart wouldnt let me. I wiped the remaining tears from my face leaving traces of blood. I was all out of tears and sadness.

Harry`s P.O.V.

Her its always her, she is the only one who can completely change me heal me so why did I let her go. She yanked her arm from me and ran to her room shutting the door. There was a silence I turned to Scarlett and Laci. They both looked confused and worried. Then we heard loud repeated bangs. I jerked my attention to the stairs. There was a loud crack then a scream. My heart started to race and I sprinted for the stairs. I jerked the door open. Seeing Jess sitting on the floor. Her knuckles were covered in blood, she had dried tears and blood on her face. I shut the door softly behind me noticing it was cracked and cover with bloody prints. I walked slowly over to her pulling her straight into my arms.

Jess`s P.O.V.

I felt arms wrap around me. I was shaking, trembling everywhere but still there were no tears. I felt their grip tighten as they shhed me. It was Harry "Its alright Jess calm down im here im not leaving im not going anywhere", he cooed. He rocked me back and forth calming me. The trembling stopped stopped and I took in a deep breath. He relaxed beneath me loosning his grip. "Harry?", I whispered. "hmm?", he asked pulling me closer into his chest. I leaned my head on his chest closing my eyes. "Thank you", I whispered. I felt him tense and then turn me around in his arms. I opened my eyes. "For what Jess all ive done is hurt you", he sighed. I took his face in my hands "dont say that, ive hurt you more than you hurt me and im truly sorry for that and its not something I can ever take back Harry, no matter how much it kills me. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. He left like you said he would but i didnt believe you, Im sorry for ever getting angry with you I was just hurt, so I understand if you leave". I kissed his cheek and released him from my grip standing up. He looked at me shocked and bewildered, his eyebrows coming together as he stood. In two long strides he was infront of me hands gripping my shoulders. Next thing I was feeling his soft warm lips on mine taking my breath away. He pulled away leaving his hands on my lower back as he clung to me. He was looking into my eyes desperation clearly on his face "Marry me Jess?"

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