Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


1. Prom Night

Lights, were everywhere, bodies, where touching and everyone was having an awesome time. I was having a blast at prom with my boyfriend Stefan, and my friends and there dates. I just danced but the night was drawing nearer to a close I knew my punch had been spiked but I didnt care. I just wanted to have fun and thats what I planned to do. I was a bit nervous though, tonight is the night that me and Stefan are going to do it. You see im a virgin and he isnt so yea...Oh im Jess by the way but most people call me Karri "long story!". "Shit!, watch where your`re going dweeb!", Stefan was yelling a some bandy who spilled coke all down his tux. Did I mention that Stefan was the school jock, soccer star, and was know for not being the nicest person. But then again why would he be I mean he is totally hot, Sun- blonde hair, swedish hunk with a very thick accent, he is tall and muscular with just a perfect everything. I mean I dont usually go for that type of guy but he had a way with words and I love him, weve been dating for 7 months, that  was both of our longest relationships so why not. I saw the bandy apologize then run off. "Ugh babe Im gonna go change on the party bus", "Alright I will meet you back here Stef". I went back out to the dance floor with my friends Michelle and Lizzy, we had been best friends since secondary school, and they had been in long relationships with there boyfiends Ben and kaylar. "Where the hell is he Mich its been an hour and he still isnt back, prom is over", "I dunno lets check the party bus maybe he passed out", we both laughed and walked to the party bus, but to be honest I was ready to get out of this tight dress, It was coral colored with rhinestones everywhere and short stopping mid thigh but flowing out poofy at the end. It looked perfect next to my tanned skin and my unatural red auburn hair. Im egyptian and half carribean so I have a natural russet glow. But this dress was sucking the life out of me the bodice was so tight i had to take short breaths and so tight around my boobs they were squished, making them look a full cup size bigger. I walked to the bus in my heels that were covered in rhinestones too and that were also killing my feet. I noticed five very handsome guys they were even sexy. They noticed us too. "How was prom?", the cute one in stripes asked. "It was great, Thanks, how was your night?", this time a sexy one with black hair answered "It was good but it would have been even better if you were there sexy". There was no doubt they were all drunk. The curly headed boy spoke this time "You should join us beautiful", "Aww I would love to but i dont think my boyfriend would like that". "all the good ones are always taken boys", this cute blonde irish one said slurring his words he was definately wasted. I smiled and walked onto the party bus nothing could have prepared me for what my eyes saw. There my boyfriend was naked over some blonde skank. They looked at me in shock and both jumped up grabbing the nearest pair of clothes. I was livid one thing I couldnt stand was a cheater. I was too pissed to speak so I just grabbed my overnight bag and stormed off of the bus. I heard Stefan Yelling my name but I didnt care. I made my way over to the five boys who were staring intently. I was determined to get one of them tonight.

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