Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


2. Prom Night and major Recon

"Hello boys", I said batting my eyes. "Hello", they all returned. I felt an arm yanking me around. "What?", I asked half irritated and angry looking at my half naked boyfriend. "Whoa look at the knockers on her", I heard the curly one say. "I`m sorry it was a mistake it was the alcohol", Stefan pleaded.

I looked at him completely hurt " so it all meant nothing one but of alcohol and fuck the first girl in sight, and tonight was supposed to be special, you're such an ass were over!!!". He looked at me mortified "over over that's not your choice it's , mine you're mine, plus I'm the man in this relationship. I sleep with who I want, when I want that's how it goes" , I was astonished I knew Swedish people had their ways but jeez he was asking to be slapped. I turned around swiftly walking back over to the boys. " hey I'm Jess" I said smiling up at all of them "hey sexy" smiled the curly one placing his hand on my lower back. " fine be that way go with those egg heads but don't come crawling back to me when you're done cause I'm done with you!!!!" Stefan yelled in a thick accent. I laughed as the curly one led me down the street. " so where are we going?" The irish one asked from behind me. He was really cute but not my type he was a bit short and I still really don't like blondes. " how about back to our place?" said the curly one. I just nodded I didn't have a problem going anywhere with any of these boys they were all very hot. "Oh I'm Harry by the way and this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall." He pointed indicating to each one. " nice to meet you all" we continued walking while the guys had a conversation with each other while I stayed silent just admiring each one. Zayn especially caught my eye he was just plain gorgeous and his forward ness turned me on. We walked into the boys big condo it was huge but didn't feel very homey. " so wanna make a bet?" The one called Harry said looking at me. " yea sure, what are the terms." " ok so we all know what we are here for so the deal is we all want you so the one who tempts you first gets you, and every time you get turned on you take a shot" I smiled this was going to be fun " ok so who is first?" I asked sitting down on the couch. They took turns all except Louis he said he had a Lovely girlfriend named Eleanor who he did not want to cheat on. So first up was Niall , he just whispered nice and sweet things in my ear while comforting me. I had to take one shot cause when he looked at me with those eyes I knew I would give in soon. His eyes could make any girl fall in love. Next was Liam who went straight in for the kiss earning two moans and two shots for me. Then there was Harry he started off touching and teasing my body and kissing me everywhere except my lips. It was frustrating me cause I wanted more so I also had to take 2 shots for him. At this point I was tipsy but I still felt great. And last but not least came Zayn he walked over to me painfully slow then smirked " close your eyes" I did as he said, then I felt his hands on my body slowly running their way up my leg. He moved his lips to my ear and then nibbled causing me to shiver and let out a shaky breath. He kneeled down and pulled my legs around his waist while I was sitting. he slowly started rubbing his fingers over my knickers driving me insane all the while he kissed down my neck. He finally placed his lips on mine and it was filled with lust. I pulled away letting out a moan while he growled in my ear. He took a finger and placed it inside of me making me moan again he brought his lips to my ear and said " who is making you so wet?" I just moaned again and he growled again " say it, say my name?" He thrust his finger in me even harder "z-Zayn" I whispered he pulled his finger out and stood up releasing my legs. I looked up to 4 wide eyed boys and a smirking Zayn it was then I realized they hadn't seen what he was doing. " Zayn you must be one smooth talker and hell of kisser to get 4 moans she has to take five shots". I laughed and took my shots. " ok" i said " my turn". They all took there seats. I went to Liam first, I knew he would be one of the hardest, I figured I would do the same he did to me so I kissed him on the mouth he let me take over. I could feel he was excited but he hadn't moaned yet so I started kissing down his neck stopping on his birthmark and sucking hard. He grunted and I pulled away smiling at him which he returned I leaned back and pecked his lips then the hickey that was beginning to form on his neck. Next was Niall I sat next to him draping my legs over his and then grabbed his hands making them touch my body I placed them on my bum and started moaning in his ear. He grunted then tried to cover his growing size. Now I had to choose between Harry and Zayn, I figured Zayn wouldn't be as hard so I went to him next, I sat down on his lap and began to kiss him as my hand went under his shirt then slowly started pushing his chest down so he was laying while I straddled him I took off his shirt then kissed down to his pants line. I felt him tremble then grunt I smirked and then licked down his v-line stopping at his belt. I stopped and got off of him earning another grunt and then a annoyed face " but I want more.", " sorry, but its Harry's turn" I smirked turning to him. His eyes were filled with lust and I knew he was ready then. I walked over to him then sat on him with my legs on either side and sunk down so I could feel his bulge against me. He shut his eyes and dropped his head back. Oh he felt great I wanted him and I knew he wanted me but I was in control which made me a little aggressive. " touch me" I growled in his ear he immediately began running his hands up my leg squeezing in sensitive areas. I placed my lips to his and we began kissing he was an incredible kisser as we both fought for dominance with our tounges. I felt myself loosing control over him and I couldn't let that happen so I did what I thought would make him weak. I sunk my hips further into his and began to grind slowly into him. He pulled his lips away from mine and shut his eyes throwing his head back while cursing " fuck!". I grinded even harder into him as I unbuttoned his shirt ripping it off of his body. I pushed it a little harder grinding a little faster then leaned in and kissed him just below the ear. This sure got a reaction Harry's eyes shot open and he picked me up throwing me onto the couch and grabbed my hips slamming them into his as he straddled me slamming his lips back onto mine. I just gave in it was to late I needed him now and he knew it as he started moving his hands over my knickers. Before it could go any further Harry was pulled off of me by an annoyed looking Zayn. Harry looked at Zayn now completely pissed off " what the hell mate?", " it was going to far" Zayn said turning Harry loose. I looked over to Liam, Niall had a wide eyed expression while Louis gave me an -I knew it- kind of look. Louis opened his mouth to speak " so who do you choose?". I looked from Harry to Zayn before I could even answer I was being thrown over Harry's shoulder as he ran into his rooming throwing me onto his bed.

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