Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


16. Maybe its time!

I ran and ran until I could barely breathe anymore. The sun was starting to set. I had been gone for four hours.  ocasionally stopping along the shops, and grabbing a bagel. I had started walking back to the flat I was only about 2 blocks away. When got there most of everyone was gone except for Danielle, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. I gave them all a short wave and went up stairs to take a shower. I walked into zayn bathroom stripping off my shorts when I realised all my stuff was still in Harry`s room. I really dreaded going in there but I had to. I looked down the hall, k everyone was still downstairs I darted for Harry`s room. Trying to find my bag it was nowhere in sight. Just last night it was by his closet. I looked everywhere. Then I turned to see Harry standing by the door watching me. He scared the crap out of me making me jump. "Oh sorry, I was just looking for my clothes", I said looking around again avoiding his eyes. "Jess?", he called. I shuffled around "Dont worry im hurrying". I felt his arm around mine pulling me to look at him, so I did. "I have them, but I will give them to you after we talk". I sighed I guess we did need to clear the air. "Ok Harry, so talk!". He looked me in the eyes "About last night I am sorry, I never should have brought her here", I looked down "Its ok Harry you dont have to explain yourself". He took my chin in a tight grip facing me to him "Stop pushing me away Jess". I dont know why but I began to get angry. I really didnt want to be talking to him about this anymore. "I`m Not pushing you away Styles!". He gawked at me "Yes you are!, You wont even let me explain!". I snatched his hand away "Maybe I dont want to Listen!", I headed for the door. He jumped in front of me shutting the door and locking it. "WELL YOU ARE GONNA LISTEN, DAMMIT!!". "I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU HAVE TO SAY TO ME!!!", he grabbed my shoulder, squeezing them. "DAMN JESS, WHY, WHY NOT??", "BECAUSE YOU FUCKING HURT ME HARRY!!!". He got quiet and released me, "Jess I really am sorry!". I stepped back "Whatever". He got angry again "SEE THERE YOU GO AGAIN!! IM FUCKING SORRY OK YES I SLEPT WITH HER!!! BUT THAT ONLY BECAUSE I WANTED TO GET BACK AT YOU FOR TELLING ZAYN YOU LOVE HIM!!". I was shocked he did it to hurt me. All this time I thought he did it because he didnt care. I never meant to hurt him, he was never even supposed to find out. I stopped talking and looked at him "I`m sorry", I whispered. He still wasnt happy but at least he wasnt yelling anymore. "Sorry thats all you have to say to me is sorry!, I love you jess why cant you see that, Im in love with you!!". I felt bad a tear escaped my eye and I wiped it away. I couldnt do this. I ran for the door. But Harry grabbed me first spinning me around with a firm grip on my shoulders. "Why cant you say it back. why are you trying to hurt me, I know you love me too, DAMMIT JESS WHY CANT YOU JUST SAY IT", He growled at me shacking me with each phrases. "BECAUSE IM SCARED OK". His eyes softened and he took me into an embrace hugging me tight and kissing my hair. He pulled back looking at me "Why?". I sighed looking in to his eyes. Jess you stupid little shit cant you see what he is doing to you. I tried to fight it but I couldnt I had to tell him. "I`M scared of falling head over heels in love with you, Im scared of getting hurt, of loosing you, Harry you scare me, Ive never felt this way for somebody before", tears had started down my eyes as I said each word. It was the truth I knew it was. I fell for Harry since the begginging I just didnt want to admit it to myself. He wiped my tears away with his thumb. "I love you", He whispered. He melted his lips to mine taking my breath away. I missed the feel of his lips. His arms around mine the way they made me feel so strong. I didnt want this moment to end. Harry picked me up wrapping my legs around him. He walked us over to the bed laying me down not breaking the kiss. He stayed hovering over me his feet on the ground. Oh no. I broke the kiss. I couldnt do this it was going too far. He looked at me appalled and hurt. "What is it?", he asked rubbing my face. I pushed his hand away "I cant do this!". He looked at me tears running down his face "Jess please!", he begged. I got up pushing him out of the way "I cant do this you hurt me harry you slept with her after you slept with me!!!". He looked at me with pleading eyes "Jess im sorry!". I opened the door and looked back "Harry I love Zayn". With that I ran out the room into zayn`s and sat on his bed and began to let all my emotions take the best of me. I cant stay here anymore. I love Zayn but I also Love Harry~!!!!

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