Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


19. Long time no see

The last couple of days have been really weird. After that night I kissed Harry and refused Zayn they have both been really distant. I can feel it, something is wrong but no one is telling me anything. Everything feels off. Danielle left about three days ago, she had to go to France for some job. Eleanor was still here but ut felt weird she wasnt acting any different but she keeps asking me how I am every 5 seconds. Louis just stares at me like im going to loose it at any minute. Niall is still the same around me. Even Liam is different but we have actually gotten really close these last couple of days. Finally he got it out of me how Zayn and I happened. He said he understood and ever since then, we have been together, I see why Danielle loves him so. Today though I was on edge and everyone could feel it. Tomorrow is Saturday which is also Stefan`s funeral suprisingly I havent cried once. I was packing right now. Louis and El decided to stay and have some alone time, while Niall is going to visit his mum and dad, Liam is going to see danielle. Zayn is coming with me, and so is Harry well not with me, he said that Leesa asked him to for moral support and he agreed. Our plane was leaving at noon and it was just nine. I was really nervous there was something that I had never told the guys and I didnt know how they were going to react. I was going home and my mom was going to meet Zayn, that wasnt really my choice, but he agreed. I was just afraid of one thing, and that was not coming back. Lets just say I have a strong feeling im not going to either, but hopefully I`m wrong. "Babe calm down", Zayn said standing in my way as I was pacing. I looked up into his eyes biting the inside of my cheek "I`m sorry its just I havent been home in two weeks". "Nervous?", he asked, I nodded. He smirked and took me into a hug "Well I for one am not". I chuckled "and why is that?", "Because I am sure your  mum is going to love me". I had already told Zayn about my dad, and how he left my mum because he acussed her of cheating, and me not beeing his. After the blood test and he found out the truth he was too embarressed to come back, I was two at the time. End of that marrige.

We were boarding the plane and unfortunately I was forced to sit between Zayn and Harry. Luckily it was only a three hour flight. When we got off the plane and got our carry ons. I saw my mum literally ten feet away, I dropped my bags and ran into her open arms. Something about being in her presence made me brake. Slow tears fell from my face. She kissed my head and whispered in my hair "its ok hunny, everything will get better with time, im here now". I dried my tears and smiled "I missed you mum". She hugged me then stepped back  "I missed you too sweety". I heard a cough then turned around to see Zayn and Harry holding all of our bags awkwardly. I laughed and ran to them grabbing their arm and pulling them forward. "Mum, this is Harry Styles", "Harry this is my mum Laci". He dropped the bags and took my mum into a hug "Nice to finally meet you", he said. My mum blushed "Well I like him". Harry smirked making me laugh. "And who is this?", my mum asked nodding towards Zayn. I smiled placing my hand on his chest "mum this is Zayn Malik my", "Boyfriend", Zayn cut me off grinning. My mum smiled and hugged Zayn and kissed his cheek. "Well we know who will be sleeping at he opposite end of the house!,My jess sure has a looker". She laughed, "Well I can sure see why Jess is so Beautiful", my mum looked flushed making Zayn laugh. I looked at Harry and couldnt help but notice he looked a bit jealous. We continued to chat as we got into the car. "So are you all staying at the house?", my mum asked. Harry spoke up "Well my hotel is just outside of Brighton". "Oh no that wont do, stay with us we have plenty of room, plus that is at least 45 minute away from the house". Zayn squeezed my hand and frowned I gave him a reassuring smile and kissed his cheek. We drove down the familiar dirt roads only seeing trees and lots of land. Finally after another ten minute I began to see a familiar horse stable. With five brown horses scaddered. My heart rate started to get faster, and I bolted upright. Letting go of Zayn`s hand and staring out the window. "Calm down Jess you spent your whole life here", my mum picked making Zayn and Harry chuckle. I ignored them staring out of the window in awe "I forgot how much I missed this place". "You were only gone two weeks hunny", I turned my attention to my mum "it felt like longer". We reached the gates to my house. They were tall and Iron witch a big crest imprinted in it say 'Stratford Manor'. I started smiling as they opened. "Amazing!", I heard Harry gasp, Zayn just sat starry eyed. I didnt even wait for my mum to turn off the car before I jumped off the porch and ran up the steps and through the front door, Mammy stood there shocked. I ran up the stairs and straight to my room. It was exactly like I left it.

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