Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


9. It will never be the same

I finally woke I was back in Harry`s room and I was sweating terribly, and it was very very hot. It was dark outside, like pitch black , and even though it was cold in his room I was burning up and hungry. I got up I was wearing one of Harry`s shirts and my underwear. Everything ached and i felt drained nothing, it was like my mind wasnt working processing everything that happened I had no recollection of anything. I walked very slowly down the hall zombie like. I saw five figures sitting on the couch in the living room. All the boys were talking. I decided to keep myself hidden trying to listen to what had happened, Louis was speaking. "Come on Harry you need to rest you havent slept since you got back". "No, not until I know she is ok". "Harry please mate its killing me to see you like this. You havent ate or slept at all. You just stay in that room with her and when you aren`t in there you drink.", this was niall speaking now he sounded choked. I took this as my cue i didnt want to hear anymore. I shuffled in all eyes on me. Harry`s eyes widened and he rushed over to me. "You`re up why didnt you just call me, I should have checked on you, you`re burning up let me get you back to bed", he said grabing my arm getting ready to lift me. "No", it came out very choked and strained. I hadnt realized how parched my throat was before. "Let me get you some water love", Louis spoke rushing to the kitchen. I began walking to the bar with harry trailing behind with his hand on my lower back supporting me. I sat down as louis handed me the glass. All the boys gathered round Harry being the closest to me. "How are you feeling?", Liam asked sympathetically. I looked him in the face "I`ve been better",I croaked. He frowned "No really Jess? "Empty", I said looking down at the glass. I heard them all sigh I didnt want their pity. I really just wanted to be alone. "What time is it?" "11:47", Niall answered. I was a bit shocked I was expecting Harry to answer since I looked at him, but he didnt speak he just looked at me with sadness and constant worry. "Its late you guys should be asleep.", "We were worried about you, we can stay up if you`d like". "No, i really would just like to be alone", they nodded in understanding all shuffling out after they said there sorry`s and kissed me goodnight. Zayn and Harry were the last to stay behind. Zayn walked up to me and whispered in my ear "Im here if you need me, I am really sorry Jess, and I do care about you never doubt that, Good night", He kissed me long on my forehead caressing my hair before walking off. "Good night Zayn", I spoke turning back to Harry. He was still sitting just looking at me. I felt terrible not only for the events that occured but the fact that I was the reasoning for what harry looked liked.  "How long was I out?". He looked at me and frowned "Almost 52 hours". I gasped "I was out that long?", he just nodded. " I cant beleive I was out for over two days", I said rubbing my eyes. "You need to eat", Harry said getting up walking into the kitchen. "Im not hungry", "You`re going to eat", He said placing his hands on the counter and sighing looking at me. "Only if you do". He turned and began making us breakfast. We sat in silence. I know Harry was afraid to say anything afraid he was going to set me off again. He sat placing both of our plates infront of us. "Thank you", I tried to muster a smile and he did the same. We continued to eat in silence. I found my self more hungry than I thought but I still didnt feel like eating. So i settled for half of my plate to satisfy Harry while he ate all. He took his plate to the sink and sat back down beside me as i twirled my fork around on the plate aimlessly. "Harry im not going to cry again, not yet anyway". He looked at me and sighed. We were doing a lot of that. "Eat", he demanded. "I cant eat anymore", I pleaded. He gave in and took my plate to the trash. I got up watching Harry as he took my hand and led me upstairs. He sat me on the bed as he went to the bathroom running water in the tub. I just stared at the floor. This week is going to be hell but I know I have to keep going, for Stefan for his baby. I promised him I would. I have to keep going through life no matter how much I just wanted to sleep and never wake up. I heard the water stop and Harry walked back out taking my hand leading me into the bathroom. I pulled my knickers down as he pulled my shirt over my head. He helped me into the tub and began to wash me. I just took in everything he did. The way his face frowned at my state the way his eyebrows creased together in worry. I watched his hands as he moved my hair out of the way. Once i was washed he sat down watching me pop the bubbles. He had no expression on his face. I looked at him with worry, but he ignored it, going out to get me a towel. I sighed submerging under the water so my whole head was covered. I wonder what would happen if I stayed under here until my lungs lost all its air and filled with water. If i drowned myself there would no longer be an ache in my heart. Everything I was Stefan took with him I was nothing without him but I somehow was expected to keep going. I had to I promised him I would. I heard a gasp and Harry drop to his knees. I popped my head out taking a deep breath as new air filled my lungs. I frowned Harry was on his knees gripping the tub so hard, it was sure to leave marks.  "You scared me", He said with a tear in his eye, as he pushed some hair out of my face. "Im sorry", I looked down, why did I always hurt him. I promise I am not going to hurt him for the rest of the time im here. He helped me out of the tub wrapping me in a towel. He dried me off and helped me slip into one of his shirts. He pulled back the covers tucking me in "Hold me Harry", I sounded like a scared and broken puppy. He pulled of his shirt and pants and climbed in cradling me to him. I looked into his eyes for the first time i realized that Harry was astonishing, perfect like an angel. "Sing to me Harry ", He looked down at me not braking our gaze and began singing so far away. I continued looking into his eyes never once either of us blinking. I began rubbing my thumb along Harry`s arm. He closed his eyes and began to slur the words to the song until he was quiet. I kissed his forhead and snuggled into him as he tightened his arms around me. I wish i could stay like this forever just the two of us dead to the world. Never having to face the harsh realitys of life. The only way to get over him was to find another but was I ready to open my heart so soon. Was I ready to love so soon. Was I willing to let another man mend my broken heart. Only one person came to mind. ZAYN. I closed my eyes remembering all the happy memories i had of Stefan while I cried silent tears. It was time for me to let go.

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