Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


41. I think

I woke up a little after 6 in the morning. I had a lot on my mind, the dream, what my, mother said, zayn, and Harry. It was all a bit frustrating really, but the only good thing is that the doctor said I could be released at 8. So only two more hours to go but to be honet Im not so sure how ready I am for today. Harry and Zayn are headed back to London today, their flight leaves at 2, but im not so sure if im going back with them. The doctor, who I never even bothered to learn his name eased in my room, being quiet because my mother was still sleeping. "You`re up, you have a visitor would you like for me to send them in?". I nodded feeling hopeful. I really wanted to talk to Harry about last night, he was upset when he left, but most importantly I want to apologize for yelling at him when Zayn broke me, it wasnt his fault. I saw as the door was opening and looked up hopeful to see a head of curls, but it wasnt it was my sister scarlett. It was then that I realized I hadnt talked to her since the day I found out her and Harry had a thing. It wasnt that I was trying to avoid her, I just didnt want to here it. She smiled at me and waved "Hey sis how you feeling?". I sat up straightening my pillows "Ok I guess". She came and sat down by my legs resting her hand on my calfs. "Before you say anything I want to say something", she continued "I think your making a mistake". I creased my brows "What are you getting at Scarlett?". She began to look nervous "I think you are making a big mistake by choosing Zayn". I dont know what it is but, the way I felt she has know right to tell me who I should and should not be with. "Oh and I suppose you know whats best for me!", I said my voice wavering. "Look at you, look what he does to you, if he really loved you he would be here right now!", she said her voice rising. "I told him not to! I chose mom, not him and not Harry", I said whisper yelling. "And why didnt you choose Harry, because you are trying to punish him for something he did before he even knew you!". "Im not punishing him!", "oh yah, because all I see is a boy who loves you to death, and your doing everything in your power to push him away, he loves you Jess, he wants to be with you, and you killing him by being with Zayn and you know that!", she had a point and it took me aback. Was I really punishing Harry, I mean I wasnt trying to at least I think I wasnt. I looked at her "Im not trying to hurt Harry, Im really not its just, I love Zayn, and I feel like I cant be without him". "Thats because you`ve never tried. Look Jess you are always around him, you are always together, you submit to him, he has you in the palm of his hand. What happened to the Karri I used to know, I only see her when your with Harry, and I miss her.". I let my eyes drift to my lap "how can I ever forgive Harry, if all he ever does is hurt me, how can i be with him and know that you and him had a thing". She stood up facing me "You forgive him because you love him, you forgive him because he cried his eyes out last night after leaving you, you forgive him because we were two stupid teenagers who happened to meet a year ago and didnt have a care in the world, and made a stupid mistake that we both wish we could take back, and most of all forgive him because he loves you", she walked out the door. I sat there in silence until I heard my mum say "She is right you know". She stood brushing herself off "but I love Zayn, mum like really love him". She sighed taking her purse "You really are stubborn, you know that, but I love you sweety, and I know your going to make the right decision, and if you think that Zayn is the right decision then I wont stop you. I will be back in a little while, im headed home to shower", she too walked out the door.

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