Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


8. I am not over you

We stayed glued together for a while. I know it's dumb to think this but lying with Harry in my arms I couldn't help but to wonder what would happen after tonight I planned on leaving in the morning. For more than one reason. I really needed to get back to my training and I am starting to feel really guilty for using Harry. And no it's not what you think. I care nothing for his fame. I just I dunno he has been helping me forget about Stefan. I was so lost in thought I didn't even feel Harry stir. "What are you thinking about?". I looked down at him and frowned "Harry I'm leaving tomorrow". He looked up at me and frowned. I waited for him to say something but he never did instead. He rolled over and got off the bed pulling on some boxers. He looked at me and then yelled "why?", punching the wall. I began to feel even worse I should have left sooner. I got up walking over to him. I reached for his hand "Harry please you had to know I would leave sometime", he snatched his hand away. "NO YOU USED ME YOU HUMILIATED ME, YOU MADE A FOOL OUT OF ME!", "Harry no I would never, I wasn't...", " NO DON'T TELL ME THAT. YOU KNOW WHAT LEAVE!!!! WHAT'S STOPPING YOU!!!! LEAVE NOW!!!!!!", "Harry please,", "LEAVE!" , his words where cold showing no emotion. I felt defeated I couldn't argue anymore I just put on some sweats grabbed my bag and looked at him one last time I opened my mouth to say sorry but my phone began to ring. "Aren't you going to get that it might be zayn!" He spat. That hurt I sighed and answered my phone. "Hello", "Jess you have to get here right away. Stefan got into a car accident he is dying the doctors don't think he is going to make it. You are the only person he is begging to see please Jess hurry!!" The voice spoke with sorrow speaking so fast I couldn't think before they hung up leaving me there breathe less. I clung to the phone wishing that what I heard was a lie. Tears started to slowly fall down my cheek. Harry looked at me with worry "jess who was that?" More tears started to flow down my face. He took a step closer "Jess who was that?, what did they say?". I couldn't speak my throat burned I dropped to my knees burying my face in my hands and began to sob. I heard Harry run to me. He dropped to his knees wrapping me in his arms. I tried to push him away anger and sadness taking over. He just resisted reaching again, which enraged me I pushed him crying harder, and began beating my fist against his chest he just sat there taking it until I stopped. He wrapped his hands around my fist placing them around his neck and then wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer. I sunk further into his chest crying my eyes out. I started to relax a little but it didnt stop the hurt of my pounding heart. Harry felt me and took this a chance "Babe what happened?". I sighed i had to tell him so I braced myself the words rushing out hot on my tongue not taking my head from his chest. "Micah, Stefan`s brother called. He said that Stef got in a really bad car accident.", thats when the tears began again. I looked up into his eyes "They dont think he is going to make it Harry!". He sighed then leaned in kissing my forehead. "You want to see him.". it wasnt really a question more of a confirmation. I looked him in his eyes and nodded. He got up lifting me with him not taking his arm from around me "I`ll drive". He helped to the front door only to be stopped by the boys curios faces. Harry turned around facing them. "Harry what happened?", Liam asked. "Yeah you told us to give you two privacy which we thought was a good thing then we came home and you guys were in each other arms sleeping which i thought was really good. then all of a sudden we heard you yelling telling her to leave then it got quiet.". I decided to turn around. Their eyes got big "Harry what did you do?". I began to cry again "harry we have to go", it was a whisper. He grabbed my arm pulling me out the door yelling "I`ll will explain it later".

We rushed through the hospital doors. A nurse directed us showing us to room 236 in the ICU. I stopped outside the door. Fear keeping me in place. Was i ready for this, how am i going to handle this, what if it ruins me. so many question rushed through my head. But I knew if I didn’t see him I would regret it for the rest of my life. Harry let go off my hand "I will wait out here.". I shook my head no reaching for his hand again intertwining our fingers "I need you I can’t do this alone.". As I was about to walk in Micah walked out with tear red eyes, he and Stefan got on really well but I knew he was just trying to be strong for his brother. He would wait till after Stef died to grieve for him. Consuming his life in a whiskey bottle like he did when his grandfather died. He looked at me then to Harry "He wants to see you know he hasn’t much time, jess please don’t feel his heart with guilt I want him to go in peace. so don’t tell him anything you two have done", he said looking from me to Harry. "Let it be your burden to carry and whatever you do don’t get angry with him for what he is going to tell you.". I nodded get even more scared. It was now or never. I pushed past Micah pulling Harry along with me. His room was dark and gloomy and the air was thick. It made me feel sick, but yet there was a peaceful yet warm feeling. The same blonde from prom night was in here to, I know I had seen her from somewhere around school but I just couldn’t put a name with a face. Let’s just say she wasn’t happy to see me at all, but I could care less right now, her existence meant nothing to me right now, I wasn’t even slightly angry with her. "Jess", stefan called I let go of Harry`s hand walking over to him. I looked at him for what could very well be the last time. "You came", he said reaching for my hand. I let him intertwine our fingers as I leant down kissing his palm "Of course I was". He looked over to Harry and the girl "Could you give us some time", Harry looked over to me and I nodded, watching him make his way out. The girl didnt leave as easily she walked over to him and kissed Stef`s lips as she glared at me walking out. I turned my head back to stefan just staring into his eyes. A tear began to fall down my cheek. He took his thumb wiping it away "dont cry baby, be strong for me, you are going to make it through this.". I just nodded taking my hand and holding his hand to my cheek closing my eyes. Oh how I missed his touch. I missed the feel of his lips, the sound of his voice. I missed everything about him. "Jess l miss you", I opened my eyes staring into his blue ones. "I miss you too.", "I love you", "I love you too stefan more than you will ever know". "Listen Jess I am so sorry for...", "Shh forget about it". "No let me get this off of my chest i cant go without you for giving me first.", "Stefan I forgive you", I said another tear slipping down my cheek, I leaned forward kissing him on his forehead. As I pulled away he grabbed my neck pulling me closer "Kiss me one last time, I don’t want to go without feeling your lips on mine for one last time.” I closed my eyes falling under his spell and pressed my lips to his. It was not what I expected in one way it was the best kiss off my life because it was filled with more love then I ever thought possible, every kiss i ever had after this would always be compared to this one. In another aspect it was a kiss that would ruin my life for it was filled with such regret, hurt and sadness. I pulled away looking into his eyes "I love you", he just smiled and kept his hands in mine. Then everything took a turn. He frowned "You`ve been with him since that night haven’t you?", "Yes", he looked hurt by this but a part of him knew the answer he just didn’t want to believe it. "And did you sleep with him?” I looked down "I..I", "Don’t lie to me Jess", he sounded defeated. I looked away and nodded. It was quiet for a while I guess he was thinking. "Do you Love him?". That took me aback I turned to him did I love Harry. I looked into his eyes "No". He relaxed then looked worried "Jess there is something I need to tell you, but i don’t want you to get mad or blame yourself. Jaynie she`s pregnant.". So that’s what blonde bimbo`s name was. Well this hurt a lot more than I ever thought. "Is it yours?” He looked at me then nodded "Yes its mine". That was a stab to the heart I dropped his head looking away. More tears poured down my face hot tears each on draining me emotionally and physically. I don’t think I am ever going to be able to live this day down. "Jess look at me", he now too was crying. "I can’t", I sobbed wiping my face. His hand caressed my back "please". I sighed turning to face him. Both of with tear filled faces. I know this has to be one of the most special moments anyone can ever have. Here I am looking at the man I love, the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with have children with. Is dying and having a baby with another woman, and the worst of all beside that baby not being mine, even though I already love it as if it was my own. Is that he won’t even be able to watch it grow. See his first born child take its first steps, say his first words, get its first report. Watch it fall in love and get heart broken, see its own children grow. "Do you love her?", he looked at my heart "No, my heart will always belong with you, and my baby.". I cried harder falling into his open arms where he stroked my hair. "Jess promise me you will look after my baby", "I will as if it’s my own.". I got up kissing each one of his fingers then his hands up his arm, to his forehead then his nose. "This isn’t goodbye its see you later. I will love you until the world stops turning til I exist no more. And even then. He cried "I love you, forever". I kissed him one last time on the lips "I love you, and will never stop.", with that I walked away giving him one last look. I heard as his heart went flat line. Nurses rushing past me screaming and yelling I heard Jaynie crying and Micah cursing. But everything was a blur. I saw and felt nothing. So this was it. This is what its like to lose the one you Love. I saw harry run to me. I smiled at him collapsing into his arms. Everything was black I could hear, see, and feel anything and I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to wake up.

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