Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


17. dont underestimate the Styles

Harry`s P.O.V.

I kissed her shutting her up I love this girls so much, and now I know well at least I think she loves me too, she didnt deny it. She was just scared, I had to prove to her she had nothing to fear. I wrapped her legs around me and walked us over to the bed not breaking the kiss. I wanted to make love to her I needed to make love to her. I deepened the kiss as I layed her down, I was still hovering over her, with my feet on the ground when she pulled away. "What is it?", I asked her. Why did she stop did I do something wrong. Did I hurt her. Tears began to run down her face, I tried to wipe them away but she pushed my hand and mumured "I cant do this". What no stop. Dont was all the things my mind was screaming. "Jess please", my voice cracked as tears sprung from my own eyes. She got up and pushed me out of the way. She ran for the door. I couldnt move I was in shock. "I cant do this you hurt me Harry you slept with her after you slept with me". I tried to plead with her. If I could take last night back I would I love her. I was just hurting. She opened the door and looked back "Harry I love Zayn", she left not looking back. No how could she. How could I. Its all my fault. I am such an ass why did i sleep with Leesa. I have to get her back my heart depends on it. But Zayn is in the way. I began to get angry and my tears soon stopped. He is not getting in my way..I knew just the thing the one person who will have him begging at his knees. He cried when she broke it off and I know he cant resist her. I have just the thing. I think its time I payed Perrie Edwards a little visit.

I walked down stairs after getting off the phone with Perrie, Zayn was down stairs with Lou, I figured I could say it in front of Lou, because after all we were close no matter how mad he was at me, plus he was bound to find out anyway. I sauntered down srairs with a smug grin on my face sitting across from Zayn. They both looked at me suspiciosly. "You alright mate", Louis asked putting down his paper. I grinned "Just fine just got finished talking to Jess". This caught Zayn`s attention he put down his phone and sat up facing me. "What you guys talk about?", Zayn asked hesitantly. "Well first I just apologized for the way I acted, she hasnt forgiven me but she will.". Louis looked at me uncertain and furrowed his brow "How do you know that?". I smiled harder almost maing it a smirk "Because I kissed her". I let it sink in as shock was on their face which quickly by the look of Zayn`s face turned to anger. He shot up edging closer to me "YOU WHAT!?". I relaxed myself in the chair "I said I kissed her, and she kissed back". He stopped short, hurt and pain taking over "You ass, she is my girlfriend not yours stay away from her", he spat. Louis looked shocked his mouth hanging open wait when did that happen?". We ignored him "Is that so cause, id say its not gonna happen". Zayn muttered something storming pass me and headed for the stairs.  I called after him not bothering to get up "Oh yeah, I also talked to Perrie, she says she cant wait to see you again". He turned sharply that taking him for suprise "what?". I chuckled this was working nicely "I told her you missed her so much, and were truly sorry, and dying to see her and was just to scared to admit it, but you wanted her back. she gladly accepted your invitation to see you, but you should be ok right its not like you are going to cheat or anything". I saw worry flash over his eyes as he turned and stormed up the stairs. I turned back to Louis who was still shocked "That was low Harry". I frowned "Well you said I had to work to get her back". He shook his head and picked up his paper again "Thats not what I meant, think about how this might hurt jess". I closed my eyes sighing damn i didnt think about the fact she really did love zayn. I guess I would just have to be there to pick up the pieces again.

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