Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


5. Dont give a ...

"Here wear this", Harry said placing his shirt around me helping me place my arms in the sleeves. I looked down buttoning the shirt up. "Oh no you dont, leave it", he said undoing the buttons I already did. Well at least the shirt was long enough it covered most of my bruises and my butt. He looked at me an smiled nodding for me to follow him out of the door. It was just then as the light from the sun hit me that I realized I still had a very bad hangover and needed food desperately. "babe you dont look so well", "I dont feel so well Styles", "here you need food, i will cook, you sit". I walked over to one of the stools, why did they have to be so high. jeez dont they know not everyone has freakishly long legs. I had to settle for placing both my hands in the middle of the stools, jumping up and swinging my legs around. I heard a chuckle from across the table. I turned my head sharply to see Harry laughing at me "having some trouble there short stuff". I shot him a glare "I am not short!", "oh really you arent even half a foot past five". My cheeks burned red I hated when people talked about my height that was always a soft spot. I mean jeez why couldnt I be tall my mom was 5'9 and my father was 6'2. And it really didnt help to have a brother who was 5'11 and so was my younger sister, yep YOUNGER sister she was only sixteen and here I am an 18 year old adult and the shortest one in my family. Scarlet, my younger sister who towered over me was everything I wish I was tall pretty, super smart, hell she was even a professional model.. I pushed this to the back of my head as Louis joined in the conversation. "Sorry to ease drop but you are short, how tall are you anyway?". I scoffed they were really starting to piss me off geez must they really try so hard to make my feel worse about myself.  "5'4", I answered coldly, hopping down from the stool.  They looked at each other and then burst out laughing and trying to talk "haaahaaahaaa".laugh,'sheee". laugh. "cant even". laugh. "reach the floor". more laughin they were laughing so hard tears were literally falling from their eyes. I hated to admit that I was becoming very angry and I know what happens when my temper kicks in lets just say it isnt pretty. I walked around the corner to the fridge where they were standing and jumped up grabbing the box of cheerios on top of the fridge. This sent them into another round of histerics "hahaha she cant even reach the top of the fridge", harry rang with his throaty laugh. If i wasnt so pissed at him right now I would actually foung his laugh very attractive maybe even hot but right now I just wanted to know that right off his face. Calm Jess it isnt a big deal. I took a bowl and poured the cereal in ignoring them, and began eating the cereal dry. at this point they had finally stopped. Harry then took that as the opportune time to realize I was eating something that wasnt his cooking. He frowned "Hey I was going to make you breakfast". I scoffed at him throwing more cheerios in my mouth "Oh really now, I couldnt tell". "Oh come on now babe, you know we didnt mean anything by it", he pleaded with me, inching closer. great timing, just the Liam and Zayn bounded around the corner "Hey mates, were going to the gym, anyone else wanna join?". Louis and Harry shook their heads no. "Oh, I do, if you dont mind?", "well of course not", Zayn replied grinning like a wild eyed chesire cat. Harry huffed standing in front of me blocking my way. He looked down at me peering into my eyes. For some reason this made me even more angry. Him being so close made me realize how much taller he really was than me, my head barely reached his chin he had to have a little over six inches taller than me. He spoke up grabbing my attention again "I was kind of hoping that me and you could do something today, you know just the two of us", he lowered his voices and rubbed the back of his neck. I laughed "serious?". He looked at me nervously "well yeah". I laughed even louder "ha thanks, but no thanks, i`ll pass", I said pushing his arm out of the way and walking around him. I ran up to his room and threw on some soffee`s, a tank, and some trainers. I walked back into to the kitchen, to where the boys were standing still with shocked expressions. "Ready to go guys?", I asked Liam and zayn nodded heading for the door, as I began to follow them Harry tugged my arm pulling me to face him. He still looked shocked "you`re coming back aren`t you?", "Well course I am, have to get my bag dont I?", "but I thought you were staying the rest of the week?". I chuckled he really couldnt be serious "kinda defeats the purpose of a ONE night stand doesnt it Styles", I chuckled tugging my arm loose and heading for the door. I heard laugh from Louis, as Harry`s face was taken aback, i guess he doesnt get shut down very often but he deserved it. I still felt kind of bad he looked a little troubled by my words but oh well why should I care right?. The last thing I heard was a "but..?" shutter from Harry`s lips as I shut the door in his face.

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