Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


30. Cant you see!

I broke the kiss gasping for air. It was beautiful. I had connected with Harry in a way more real than I could possibly imagine. He stared into my eyes. We were both breathing heavy and we were still wrapped around each other, his hands on my thighs, as my hands were tangaled in his perfectly tossled hair. "I want you", he moaned so close to my mouth now. I found myself yearning for Harry I wanted to be as close as possible to him as I could. I needed him . His lips were bearily touching mine before I mumbled "I want you too". I felt him smile in the kiss. His hands slowly started moving to the center of my thighs rubbing them. I felt his tongue cross my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which I granted. I felt myself loosing control, my hands slowly started to trail down his chest going under his shirt, as he buckled his hips bringing me even closer. His hands were at the hem of my shirt raising it up when I came to my sences. I broke the kiss jumping out of Harry`s lap. He looked shocked and hurt. "Did I do something wrong?", he faultered. I instantly felt bad I was about to hurt him again. I hugged myself I felt sick. He stood up looking confused and concerened "What is it?", he said taking a step forward. I raised my hand in protest "Dont..Please". He looked hurt. "Im such a terrible person", my voice broke. He looked confused, and I started to panick "I cant belive I did that to Zayn, and after.. last night", a tear escaped my eye and Harry instantly got angry. "How can you.. why would you do this to me again. after that right now of me finally pooring my HEART OUT TO YOU, YOU THINK ABOUT ZAYN!!! FUCKING ZAYN!!!". He started to raise his voice getting angrier inching closer to me. "Please harry keep your voice down I dont want them to hear", I pleaded with him. He scoffed at me "YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT THEM HEARING ME!! OH JUST WAIT TIL I TELL ZAYN!!". I panicked he headed for the door and I grabbed his arm "Harry please! dont tell Zayn please!". He threw my hand off looking at me in disgust and ran down the stairs. I ran after him but he was faster skipping three steps at a time. He turned the corner out of my view heading for the kitchen. "Harry plEASE WAIT!, I begged. It was too late my mother and Zayn sat at the table wide-eyed and confused. "SHE CHEATED ON YOU! I KISSED HER AND SHE KISSED BACK AFTER SHE ADMITTED THAT SHE LOVED ME!!!". I watched as Zayn`s face dropped at Harry`s words. I felt crush i did want to ever see him that hurt. I loved him. He got up walking over to me. "Is it true?", He asked.. "I-i-i", how was i supposed to tell him. "IS IT TRUE!!", His face hardened as he stepped closer clenching his fist. I nodded dropping my head. Rage showed "HOW COULD YOU?!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!!! AFTER LAST NIGHT?!!! DID IT MEAN NOTHING TO YOU???!!!". A tear escaped my eye he had never yelled at me before "It meant everything to me, you mean everything to me".  "BULLSHIT!!", he grabbed his coat and headed for the door with me on his heels. "Zayn, baby please let me explain", I begged, I couldnt loose him. He turned swiftly around "oh and harry was right, I fucked Perrie and I enjoyed every minute of it", and with that he left. That was it I broke, I sunk to my knees, everything turning blurry. I cried loudly too. I couldnt believe I had been so unbelievebly stupid!

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