Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


21. Awkward temptation

I stayed in my room for a couple of hours just looking at old pictures. There was a knock at the door then a head popped in. I turned to see that it was Harry. "Your mum told me to come and get you, dinner is ready", he said standing fully in the doorway. "Where`s Zayn", "He was helping your mum make dinner", "Oh", I said turning back around. Harry stood where he was, then shut the door and sat across from me, staring at my face. "Is there anything else?", I asked looking up. He shook his head no "What are you doing?", "Throwing out pictures", I said turning my attention back to what I was doing.  He looked from one stack of photos to the next, then looked at me questioningly. "This is keep, and the is trash", I said indicating to each one. He began helping picking up photos and showing to me, throwing them where I said. "What about this?", he asked holding up a picture of me and stefan in matching football uniforms. "Trash", I said glaring at the picture. Harry looked confused "Why, you look happy", "We took that picture at the game before prom". He nodded understandingly then tossed it. "What about this", it was a picture of me and Stefan at my cottage by the stables. He had his arm wrapped around me while I was kissing his cheek staring at the camera. "Keep", I yelled hastily. Harry looked at the picture again "What happened on this day". I looked down "It was first time he told me he loved me". Harry got up and walked to my nightstand. He picked up the picture frame that had a picture of me and Michelle in it and replaced it with the picture of me and Stefan. He walked back over to me and gave me a hand, I smiled at him and took it. I wrapped my arms around him and took in his scent. "Thank you Harry", I breathed in. He wrapped his arms around me.We stayed like that for a moment until, I heard a cough from my mum. I turned my head to the door, I frowned then looked up at Harry and backed away dropping my arms. "Time for dinner, we have been waiting on you two, your sister is home Jess.". Harry walked by mu mum and down the stairs not looking her in the eye. I was about to do the same until she stopped me. "I knew there was something between you two the minute, I saw you get off that plane.", she whispered. "mum, im with Zayn", I whispered back. "I know hunny, and I really like Zayn he is a fine young man, and cares about you, but there is something different between you and Harry", she was completely serious. "Mum, I love Zayn", I said with finalty in my voice. "I can see that you love Zayn, But I can also see that you are in love with Harry, and that is a big difference", she said walking off leaving me there speechless. I shook my head unbelieveable and walked down the stairs sitting by Zayn at the dinner table. He frowned and leaned in whispering in my ear "What where you two doing that it took so long?". I Kissed his cheek, and took his hand in mine, intertwining our friends, and rubbing his hand with my thumb. I looked up at him and smiled "He was helping me get rid of some things that reminded me of stefan". He tightened his grip, and kissed my forehead looking down at me "Im sorry I should have been there with you, are you ok?". I smiled reassuringly at him "Im fine, now that im here with you". He smiled "I love you", I said looking deep into his eyes. He smiled harder his eyes glistening "I love you way more". He leaned in kissing me, A real kiss filled with emotion. We pulled away as my sister shrieked "Jess!!!", and bumbarded me with a hug. I hugged her back until something caught her attention and she pulled away. "Harry?", she asked confused. "Scarlett?" he said bewildered. He got up and hugged her as they chuckled to each other. Me and Zayn looked from each other and back to them totally confused. "Do. you two..know each other?", he asked looked from one to the other. Scarlett sat down opposite me and looked at Harry and chuckled "Yea, you could say that". He smiled at her then noticed my frown, and quickly looked away. "How did you guys meet?", I asked my voice wavered. To be honest I was curious to know the answer but also some in the pit of my stomach didnt want to find out.  She smiled and looked at me "We met when I was doing a gig in Manchester, we sort of hit it off and became can I put this umm fuck buddies!". My stomach dropped and I felt like I had to throw up. "No friends with benefits, it was just a couple of times", Harry  hurried out of his mouth as he saw my face. I turned cold and my hand in Zayn`s went limp. I could feel my cheeks burning, my eyes got dry. I didnt even react as zayn put his hand on my thigh and squeezed it "Calm down Jess", he whispered so only I could hear. I looked at him blankly. How could I be calm. I had sex with Harry who had sex with my sister. My freaking little sister. I was about to say some thing to Zayn, but my mum walked in smiling ending the conversation.

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