Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


4. Akward one night stand

I woke the next morning completely confused. This was not my hotel room. And why the hell am I naked. I tried to get up but a sudden pain in my lower region made me shriek in pain. I layed back down whimpering in pain. "Mornin' Beautiful", I shot my eyes open completely confused now. Green eyes met mine, this boy had curly hair lots of it, and cute dimples and lots of tattoos. I smiled faintly "Morning", I looked down he was completely naked too. I shut my eyes again oh great, so im in bed naked with a guy and I cant even remember his name, wait that face that voice those eyes. I shot my eyes open staring at his smirking face with wide eyes. I had sex with Harry Styles oh great. "You`re remembering", I nodded and shut my eyes again grunting. He chuckled but i just kept my eyes shut "Well all though that was sexy that was not the reaction I washoping for". I sighed "What reaction were you looking for?". I felt his hands reach under me lifting me over his body so I was stradling him. I whimpered even louder and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt his hands on each side of my face as his kissed my forehead. "Look at me", he demanded but as a soft comforting whisper. I opened my eyes slowly realsing a single tear which he wiped away with his thumb. "Whats wrong?", he looked genuinley worried. "It hurts Harry". He looked at me confused for a while then it dawned on him and then guilt took over. "You were a virgin werent you?", I just nodded in too much pain at the moment to speak. He sighed and layed my head down on his chest rubbing my back. "I`m so sorry, I should have been gentle", I looked up into his eyes "its ok I just didnt think it would hurt this bad", "It wouldnt normally, but i get carried away sometimes, but there wasn`t weren`t....", "I play sport", he just nodded. I lay my head back on his chest and he went back to rubbing my back and playing with my hair. We stayed like that for a while longer, but I felt all icky and really need a shower because everything on me ached. I looked up at harry "I want to shower", He looked at me and grinned "I`ll come with", "Why?", "You`ll see", he winked at me. I just laughed and stood up popping all the joints in my body. I grunted aching all over. I heard Harry gasp, his face hardened showing a grimace as he walked over to me. He rubbed my shoulders tracing his hands over every bruise that he caused. He placed his hands shadowing every bruise one on each calf, thigh, arm, on my waist. I even had hickeys and bite marks all down my chest and shoulders.

He returned his gaze back to mine "I'm so sorry I really should have been gentle", he kissed my forehead and led me to the bathroom. I let Harry turn on the water stepping in after me. The sensation of warmth and clean soap running over my body just relaxed me even more as Harry scrubbed my body clean. He even washed my hair while kissing me. We switched and I did the same to him but once I got to his back I chuckled causing him to look at me curiously. "What?" he ask. I laughed even harder and placed my arms around him retracing the motions from the previous night. I looked up into his eyes "you have scratches and bruises on you back too". He smirked at me showing his dimples "Yes I do remember you digging your nails into my back every time i pleasured you, you seemed to enjoy yourself". I started to feel a frown forming as I looked at his beautiful features.  He wrapped his arms around me "what is it love?", I sighed "I just wish I could remember it". He chuckled then kissed me gently "We could always do it again", I luaghed and then playfully hit him on the arm. I turned the water off and dried myself off, and walked back into his room to put some clothes on. I put on some aqua blue matching set from victoria`s secret. I turned to see Harry standing there with a silly grin on his face and holding a long sleeved white buttoned up shirt.

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