Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


22. A mother knows best

That had to be one of the worst dinners I have ever had in my life. I just sat there stairing off into space. I didnt even bother trying to include myself in the conversation. I just want to do what I do best and that was skate. Every once in a while I would feel Zayn touch my leg or my arm to make sure I was ok, but I never even bothered to look at him or anybody else for that matter. I didnt even bother eating my food. I was so out of it I didnt even her my mother call my name. "Jess...Jess darling?", she called again. "Jess!", Zayn shrieked, he was freaking out. I turned my attention to the table. Everyone was staring at me, I stood up "If you`ll excuse me", I said walking away with out bothering to wait to be excused. I ran up the stairs and through on knit tights and leotard that I use for skating. I put un some thick socks and my uggs. I grabbed my jack wills gym back, and through some sweats and a pullover in it and grabbed my ice skates. They were tied together so I placed them on my shoulder and bounded for the stairs grabbing my phone. I walked back into the kitchen where everyone was still looking from each other confused. "Mum, im going to the rink, I dont know when I will be back", I said turning for the door. "Jess wait!", she called. I turned back around avouiding everyones eyes but her. "Are you alright hunny, you seem a little put off?", I looked from her to Zayn, the gave my fakest smile "never better", and took off for the door. I decided to walk to the stables and ride dixie to the rink it was only about a mile away and was still partially on our land. I walked into the rink and a calm feeling washed over me. I needed this to be alone. I hadnt had alone time in a while. I put on my skates and turned on some music and poured my heart out onto the ice.

Harry`s P.O.V.

Jess`s mum walked in, making us immediately stop our conversation. She was so excited to have both of her daughters home again. She talked to us about different things, but all I could notice was how jess was acting. She had hardly touched her food. She just looked off in the other direction deep in thought. Sometimes Zayn would touch her but she didnt pay it any attention. I frowned I had mest up again without even knowing I had. I would take back ever even knowing Scarlett if it made Jess happy, but instead I had hurt her even more. Her mom called her twice trying to get her attention, then finally zayn called it a little bit louder while grabbing her shoulder. He was really worried about her. She stood up and asked to be excuse without another word. Jess mum spoke up looking at all of us "What is going on, what happened she is never like this?". Me and Zayn looked at each other then to scarlett and sighed. We heard footsteps coming down the stairs and got quiet again. Jess walked in carrying a bag and her skates, she had changed too. "Mum, im going to the rink, I dont know when I will be back", she avoided all of our eyes and headed for the door again after telling her mum she was 'never better', I knew that was a lie. She was hurting but she was doing what she always did but instead of just pushing me away she was doing it to everyone. We heard the door shut then it got quiet. Jess`s mum got up and put her plate up and then looked down at all of us "Tell me what happened, now?", she demanded she was starting to get that motherly instinct were she felt she had to protect her daughter. Zayn got up and put his plate away too "Only Harry can answer that", he said angrily heading for the stairs. Scarlett took that as her cue to leave as well. I turned my attention back to Laci. I felt like I was being fed to wolves. "Well?", she pressed. "Before I say anything, can you promise not to kill me?"`. She sat down and looked at me to continue. "Ok before Zayn and Jess started dating, we had a thing.", I let that sink in.  "That explains why she didnt deny when i said there was something more between you two", I nodded continuining. "Umm well I fell in love with jess, and I still love her and we made love". I said slowly. She nodded understandingly, I could see that she was having a hard time dealing with the fact her little girl wasnt a virgin. Just wait til she hears the rest. "And zayn?", she asked, she sounded choked "no ma`am, only me". She signed in relief. "All though this is a lot to take in, i not seeing the whole problem since she is with zayn now". I sighed turning my hands "umm well i know jess still cares about me, and umm well i knew scarlett before i know jess and umm.", I was starting to sweat. I was beyond nervous and felt sick. "Breathe Harry", Laci said taking my hand. I closed my eyes telling the rest "Well last year I met Scarlett in manchester, and I had just ended things with Taylor and me and scarlett used to umm...". She closed her eyes as her hand flew to her mouth she began shaking her head "No,no ,no", she mumbled. After a while she opened her eyes "Let me get this straight you have had sex with both of my daughters?". I nodded not speaking. "Scarlett?", "I would take it back if I could, we never loved each other". I was afraid to say anything else. "But you love Jess?", " Yes ma`am more than anything in the world", "Well then Harry, as much as I hate to say it you are going to have to fight for her". I smiled and stood up, "she is at the ice rink down town, its not hard to find, just take the road out". She threw me a pair of keys, and I ran to the door. I have to make this right.

Zayn`s P.O.V.

I heard there whole conversation. And Harry was out of his damn mind if he thought I was going to let him when her back that easy. I ran up the stairs to find scarlett "Whats the quickest way to the rink?". She looked at me shocked but got up grabbing my hand and running down the stairs. She grabbed a set of keys and led me to a garage. "Here ride this, take the trail through the woods, it brings you right, there its quicker than riding through town". I got on a dirtbike and went in the direction she told me. I had to hurry if I wanted to beat Harry, he had left about 5 minutes ago. I saw the rink and stopped turning of the bike, and jumping off. I opened the door and ran in but I was to late. Harry had just made his way in and was looking at her. She looked so beautiful and at peace, but she spotted Harry and skated over to him. My heart started to beat faster what was he going to say to her. I decided to stay hidden and listen to them. I was going to fight for her.


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