Prom Night

Well a night that is supposed to be all fun and games takes a drastic turn. No love enteded, oh but is there???? Does one bad decision tear everyones world apart or is one paticular 1D lad left heart broken trying to mend someone elses, anything can happen on prom night.


7. 1 week, and one week only!

I woke to little beads of sweat on my forhead. The window was open making me shiver a little. It was about to rain, lightning hitting the sky followed by loud cracks of thunder. I turned on my back pulling the duvet just under my arm pits. Thats when I noticed the bed was empty, Harry was no where in sight.. I wrinkled my brows together. Why would he just leave like that. I mean the least he could do was be here when I woke. I mean I know that was a heated arguement but he couldnt still be mad right? I huffed looking out the window, of course he was still mad. I always ruin things. Wait why am I feeling sorry I have a right to be mad too. I dont care anyway it was just sex, it didnt mean anything. I dont want a relationship so I dont care. The rain was just begining to fall, I looked at each one, humming drop in the ocean in my head. I felt the bed indent as somoeone sat down by my legs.  I slowly turned my head towards the figure to meet a worried Harry "Your up, how`d you sleep?". I sat up slowly using my elbows to prop me on the pillow "Fine". I felt a stabbing pain in my lower region it hurt even more than before causing a grimace to appear on my face. I just ignored the pain, or tried to anyway. Harry looked at me sad and a bit troubled his eyebrows furrowed causing wrinkles in his forhead. "Harry, whats wrong?". He just looked at me then down to his hands. He opened his mouth to say something but then closed them again. He started twitlinghis fingers. I toook my hand moving it over his grasping them. "Well I was just.. I just...are you still mad at me?", the words rushed out of his mouth as he looked into my eyes doubt clearly written all over his face, I had to think about it for a minute. I mean sure he didnt know about my insecurities, and it wasnt his fault, I really shouldnt have gotten so angry but I have always had a short temper, I dont like feeling weak. "No Harry, im not mad at you anymore", I looked into his eyes, he relaxed a little his shoulders dropping and his hands falling to his sides. I layed my head back down on the pillow, for some reason I felt physically weak, just drained, not to mention in amince pain.  Harry`s brows shot up again againg him by a couple of years. He leaned forward placing his left hand on the side of me and used his right to pull the duvet down so it stopped just at my hips. His facial expression turned from worry to anger. He began to touch the new bruises on my body and the love bites that lined my shoulders. His eyes met mine and were filled with horror. "I am so, so sorry, I didnt.. I wasnt trying to. Im so sorry,...", "shhh, its ok Harry", I pushed my finger to his lips stopping him from continuing. He had been speaking in short cut off works like each one was choking him. I couldnt bear it. He took my hand and kissed the palm then each indivdual finger. "No its not ok, look what ive done, you  have bruises everywhere and you can bearily move.". "stop it, you got what you wanted whats the big deal!", He was starting to make me angry why couldnt he just let it be so what, it wasnt the end of the world I was going to be fine. He looked at me bewildered "How can you say that, This isnt what I wanted!!" He yelled grabbing my arm showing me more bruises the size of his massive hands. I dont know why but this made my blood boil "REALLY CAUSE I CLEARLY REMEMBER YOU SAYING NO THREATNING TO MAKE ME SCREAM YOURE NAME AND THAT YOU WERENT GOING TO BE GENTLE!!!", I was pissed, I pushed my self up into a complete sitting position wincing at the pain. Harry noticed then his facial expression softened "Lay back down you`re hurting". "No!", I protested, I was not giving in again. He chuckled and ignored me pushing my shoulders down, I was to weak to resist so I just slammed my head into the pillows huffing in defeat. He chuckled again and placed a kiss on my forhead "You really are stubborn arent you", it was more of a statement. I just glared at him he sighed and pulled the duvet back up to my shoulders. "I am not trying to argue with you babe, are you hungry?". I was still to stubborn "No!", just then my stupid stomach decided to growl.  "Ugh!!", He chuckled again and kissed my forhead getting off of the bed. "I made you dinner I will be right back". I watched his back as he walked out of the door. Part of me felt better about this, at least we werent arguing even though I didnt like the fact that he got under my skin as much as I got under his. He walked back in with a tray of food. I couldnt resist it smelt amazing. He helped me sit up and placed the tray on my lap and setting the drink on nightstand beside the bed. "Thanks", I mumured, picking up the fork and taking a bite. "you made this?", I asked looking up at him. He just nodded "Do you like it?". I nodded back "Its incredible". He smiled a genuine smile and continued to watch me. It was amazing, one of the best meals I have ever had. I was halfway done and still Harry hadnt said a word. "Why are you looking at me like that?". He brought his eyes up to mine and just smiled. He ignored my question "Finished?", I nodded and he took the tray out of my lap and walked out the room again. I stared out the window, it was raining a lot harder now storming actually. I felt Harry sit back down and take my hand in his. "Where are the others?", I asked, not taking my eyes of of the rain. "Out", he replied indifferently, I turned my head to him. He was still looking at me "Want to take a bath?", he asked. I nodded and he leaned down wrapping me up in the duvet and picked me up bridal style carrying me to the bathtub. I t was beautiful and I hadnt noticed it before. It was a bearclaw tub. Harry had already filled it with water, bubbles, and rose pedals everywhere. He sat me down unwrapping the duvet from around me and helping me in. "you arent going to join me?", "Do you want me to?". I nodded my head and watched as he undressed himself never taking his eyes off of me. He climbed in and lifted me placing me on his lap. I let my head rest in the crook of his neck and closed my eyes. He began to wash me humming free fall. I would have to say this was one of the best feeling I have ever had. I was the most romantic yet least romantic thing someone had ever done for me. I dont know how long it was before I was drifting off. and felt Harry lifting me up wrapping me in a towel. He dried me off and help me put on one of his shirts as well as his own. I new something was still bothering him but I couldnt tell what it was. "Harry dont ruin this for me", I said gripping his hand and rubbing my thumb on the back. He looked at me with sorrow then smiled and nodded and leaned in kissing me on my cheek. I smiled too leaning up pecking him on the lips but that peck turned into a passionate kiss. I felt harry pick me up and carry me to the bed that had new sheets, but he never broke the kiss. He pulled back the duvet and tucked us in. I rolled over pulling his head onto my chest stroking his hair. He closed his eyes listening to the sound of my heart beat.

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