One Direction Imagines

This story is about One Direction (obviously) so you guys comment and tell me who and what you want. Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall or Louis; you can also ask for the girls. Make sure to leave your name, eye color and hair color.


5. Jessica and Harry

Harry's POV:

That girl. She was dancing, flirting, she was everywhere. I saw her look at me and that's when i got a good look at her. Her blue eyes, the Auburn hair, her smile. 

Jessica's POV:

That boy. His curls, those eyes, his smile. He had me now the question was, would he take the chance?

Harry's POV:

I walked up to her and me being the dumbass I am say "You come here often?" She laughed and she decided to be nice. 

"Really best you can come up with curly?"

"Sadly for the moment being, yes."

"Yes I do actually."

"Really? Then how come I've never seen you before?" 

"Probably didn't look hard enough then" she winked. Ha! She's a flirt. 

"I only flirt with pretty boys like you curly." Oh shit. Did I say that out loud?

"Yeah you did."

"Damn. Well I never caught your name."

"Cause I didn't offer it. But it's Jessica but you can call me Jess."

"Harry. Harry Styles."

"Pleasure to meet you Mr. Styles"

Jessica's POV: 

Me and Harry decided to leave the party and go on a walk. He told me a story about how when he was young he'd walk around in his mums bras cause he thought it was cool. I swear I was laughing so hard the whole neighborhood could hear me. Harry suggested we go to the beach since it wasn't far from here. 10 minute walk at the most. When we got to the beach I took off my shoes and walked on the sand with Harry when he did the unexpected he held my hand. HE HELD MY FREAKIN HAND!!! I guess he noticed my reaction cause he chuckled causing me to blush. When he held my hand I felt sparks. Like that magic touch on the cake. He made me melt just by looking at me or smiling. I mean I felt immortal with him by my side. That's when I knew deep inside that he- Harry Styles could be the one. 

Harry's POV:

After walking on the beach for a while Jessica and I decided to go in the water. The scenery was perfect the full moon the waves splashing against the shore peacefully the glow in her eye as she looked out at the sea. We were still holding hands and she looked up at me and smiled. That's when I did the unexpected I leaned down and before I kissed her I whispered I. Her ear "I don't usually do this but your an exception." I kissed her. When I kissed her my stomach felt crazy. My head was fuzzy the world was spinning and I felt like this moment couldn't be more perfect. And just like that. In that exact moment I knew I had to make her mine because my heart was saying that the girl standing in front of me was the one. Jessica could be the one for me. She could be my Happily Ever After. 

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