One Direction Imagines

This story is about One Direction (obviously) so you guys comment and tell me who and what you want. Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall or Louis; you can also ask for the girls. Make sure to leave your name, eye color and hair color.


4. Isha and Zayn

Zayn's POV:

"I'm so nervous what if she doesn't say yes? What if she takes it as a joke. What if she isn't ready? What if I-"

"ZAYN! I love you but please SHUT THE HELL UP! I know my best friend she'll say yes." Bella reassured me.


"No buts she's right mate. Isha loves you she'll say yes." Harry said before pecking Bella on the cheek. easy for him to say he already asked Bella and that's cause it was totally unexpected. like in the middle of the street unexpected.

"Your right. Okay I got this. Wait but were to-"

"Young? I know. Zayn your asking the girl to go on tour not marry her." Liam responded.

"Okay. I'll call her.

Z- Zayn I-Isha

Z: Can you come over?

I: I was actually already on the way.

Z: Oh.. um.. okay. I have something to ask you.

I: Okay I'll be there in five.

Isha's POV:

I hope he's going to finally ask me today. I mean Harry already asked Bella and that's cause they have a complicated relationship. Like REALLY complicated. They like each other, they act all flirty and yet they still hook up with other people. I guess they really are made for each other. I was headed to Zayn's to go hang with Louis. And well with Zayn obviously. We've been going strong for a year and a half now. Anyways I was pulling up to Zayn's and walked in to the living room to see everyone watching telly.

"Hola chicas."

"Heeeee- wait did you just call me a girl?!!" Niall yelled.


"Oh okay."

"I called everyone a girl."


"NOOO THANK YOU. I don't think Zayn be to happy about that."

"NO I WOULDN'T. Hey babe." Zayn said while I walked over to him before kissing him.

"Hey. What'd you wanna ask me?" Although I'm pretty sure I had a clue.

Zayn's POV:

Okay Zayn you got this. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and got lost in them. Then the next four words that left my mouth had everyone gasping and looking shocked. Like i had grown a second head. 

"Will you marry me?" Once I said those words I knew I couldn't take them back and by the look in her eyes she seemed just as shcoked as me.

Isha's POV:


Zayn's POV:


Everyone's POV:


Isha's POV:

WHAT?! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO ASK ME ON TOUR AND THIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. The next thing I did shocked everyone. I ran. I ran out of the house. Down the street. To the park where me and Zayn first met.


I just ran from home cause my dad had just hit me. He was drunk. Like always. He wasn't always this way but he changed. Why? Because when i was 8, now I'm 16, my mom got in a car accident. The car drove into a lake when my mom lost control. And i was i the car with her and I survived. I survived because my mom wanted the person who saved me to take me instead of her. When he pulled me to the surface he immediately jumped back in to try to save my mom, but it was too late. The car sunk to the bottom and my mom was trapped. She drowned because she saved me instead of herself, I don't know if i should be grateful or upset. Anyways, I went to the park and slid down a tree and cried, and cried, and cried till I ran dry. That's when I heard his voice.  His voice sounded like the one that had saved me all those years ago. Zayn. (I know he doesn't know how to swim. Just go with it for this one.) He asked "Are you okay love? You look like you've been crying." I don't know why but I hugged him and just sobbed into his shirt. He'd asked why I'd been crying and I told him. I asked him if he remembered that night. Or if his father ever spoke of it. His answer was "Everyday. I've been trying to get in touch to see if you were fine, but I couldn't find you my dad tried to help too but it was just to hard to find you. I wanted to hear the voice of the girl my father saved." From that day on Zayn took me in so I wouldn't have to deal with my father anymore.


I sighed and slid down that same tree where I'd met Zayn. Seen Zayn. Held Zayn. Now I'm a 17 soon to be18 year old girl who just got proposed to by the love of her life and she ran. I was too shocked. That's when realization hit me. That's when I knew what to do. Then I heard them yelling my name running up to me.




"Yes Zayn. I will marry you"

"R-Really?" I looked around to everyone's faces to see the look of shock, then it turned to happiness."

"Yes Zayn. You guys are my family. Zayn you saved me at my lowest point. You just walked into my life out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure that was a sign we're meant to be."

"Isha. If were going to do this let me do it right."

"What?" I looked confused and I knew it. That's when I saw Zayn drop to one knee and grab my left hand while he pulled a small black box out of his back pocket.

"Isha. We may be young, but were in love. This was the very place that we met for the first time. Where I saved you. Now here's the place that you will make me the happiest man on Earth. Isha, will you marry me?" Zayn said as he opened the box to reveal the most beautiful 14 karat  diamond ring.

"Yes, Zayn I will marry you." I cried as he slid the finger on my engagement finger. He picked me up twirled me around and kissed me. It was then that I heard Harry tell Bella. "I can't do this. I want you to be mine." Then he kissed her and she muttered "Of course Harry. I was always yours." That was the first day of our fairy tale come true.

(A/N well that was long)

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