The British Experience

Annabelle is an ordinary 20 year old girl who loves England. She recently move there from high school in New York, NY. She has explored London a lot and she really can't wait to see all of England. The day finally comes when the Brit Awards are gonna be. She knows that all o the celebrities are gonna be there and she wants to go. Will she meet someone special or 5 boys there or will her life remain the same?


2. I'm Going To The Brit Awards

I have a new friend here that works in the same modeling agency as me. Her name is Gemma and I can tell that we are going to be close friends. "So you know that the Brit Awards are gonna be in two days right"Gemma said. "Yeah so what"I replied. "Well I have an extra ticket and I want you to come with me as our first day as best friends"she replied.I was so excited that we were going to go to the Brit Awards and see all of the famous celebrities. I screamed and just ran home. When I got home I ran to my room and called my sister Madison. When I was finished with calling my sister I got a text from Gemma.
Why did you run away do you not want to go with me?- Gemma
Of course I want to go I'm just so happy to be going- me
Oh ok call me tomorrow so we can start getting ready-Gemma
Ok thank u again-me

I walked to my mirror table and looked at myself. I can't believe that I'm going to the Brit Awards!!!!!
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