The British Experience

Annabelle is an ordinary 20 year old girl who loves England. She recently move there from high school in New York, NY. She has explored London a lot and she really can't wait to see all of England. The day finally comes when the Brit Awards are gonna be. She knows that all o the celebrities are gonna be there and she wants to go. Will she meet someone special or 5 boys there or will her life remain the same?


1. A Whole New World

Hi, my name is Annabelle. Most people call me Belle which is ok too. I just turned 20 a week ago. I used to live in New York City but my parents let me move to London since I'm an adult now. This is all new to me but I love it. I love it here in London so much. Everyone is so nice to me and respects me. The shopping is awesome too. I am renting an apartment in the middle of London and even though it is noisy sometimes it is still great. This whole week I have been sight seeing and exploring London. When I came here I wanted to start fresh(as an adult) and I packed nearly nothing. My mom and dad gave me $5,000 to get started living here. So I went shopping yesterday and My new closet is filled with new clothes. I am so excited to live a new life in London!
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