The One

Sydney and Niall have been dating and one night Niall surprises her.............


4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sydneys P.O.V

I woke up to five people staring at me I realized that it was Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry.

"Niall can I talk to you alone?" I asked. Yes I knew who all these people where I have met them before.

Nialls P.O.V

It was 9:30 A.M and we were looking at Sydney she was waking up.

"Niall can I talk to you alone?" she asked I nodded and the rest of the boys left the room.

"Niall why am I here?" she asked "You fell asleep on my chest and I didn't want you to be disappointed and the boys texted me saying I had to go." I said with my hand on my neck.

"Niall I love you."

The boys came in and we played truth or dare Louis style. Harry had to lick Zayns foot, Liam, Louis, Me, and Niall had to switch clothes. It was a fun night we ended up ordering chinese food and watching the Toy Story trilogy thanks to Liam :)

El, Dani, and Peri showed up in the middle of Toy Story 2. Then El asked what my parents thought. "I'll be back later." I said and left. I ran about half a mile and found a bench. I sat down and cried my heart out. Niall is the only one in the world that knows what happened to my parents.

When I was 12 me and my parents where driveing home from the movies it was about 8:30 on a winters night the snow was coming down but not hard just enough for you to see it was snowing..............


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