The One

Sydney and Niall have been dating and one night Niall surprises her.............


3. the theam park

Sydneys P.O.V

Niall had told me to take my blind fold off he had taken me to a theam park. " Niall I love you! Thankyou!" your welcome babe the rest of the day we road rides and had fun some fans reconized him but he had a discise on a hat and some sun-glasses. When we got home we washed up and had nanndoes dilivered we ended up watching extremly loud and incredibly close. it was such a sad movie. we cuddled and i fell a sleep on his chest.

Nialls P.O.V

Sydeny fell a sleep on my chest. the boys texted me saying we had to go so i just packed clothes for Sydney and put he rin the car I was takeing her on tour......................

~hey whats up ?!?!?!?!

sorry for the short chapter ill be on tommarow



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