Autumn Leaves

"My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane."
She's alone, but never lonely. She's a work of art, but part of nature.
She wants to change, but it's not that easy.
She's colorful, like Autumn Leaves.
*One Direction not famous


3. Chapter 3



"Wake up! We're almost at the airport." I was awoken with my brother, Jared, shaking me. What? We were at the airport yesterday.

"The one in England!" I smacked my forehead as I told myself. I stood up and stretched, "How long was I out?"

"About seven hours." My mom chuckled. Gosh, I could sleep! "And I didn't eat anything!? This is not acceptable!" I rushed into the mini fridge and took out a granola bar, yogurt, and a chocolate bar.

I ate it all and looked out the window, it was beautiful. 

"Mom, look at the landscape, its magnificent." I smushed my face into the glass, getting a better view. Wow, it was truly amazing.

"Close your mouth, stop drooling. We're landing in fifteen minutes." Alex got up to go to the bathroom. I had everything in my backpack anyway, since I was asleep for the whole plane ride, basically. 

"Close your mouth, stop drooling." I mimicked in a high tone, scrunching up my face in the process, you could say I was, immature. Yupp, perfect word.

"Mo-om!! Tell Drew to grow up!" I heard Alex whine, baby. "I will when you do!" Ha, suck my comebacks!!! Uhm, wait. That just didn't, oh well.

"So you said I could go shopping and get a new wardrobe? And when do I get my motorcycle?" I knew I sounded pushy, but I was just truly excited for the new me, well. "WHAT? Why is Drew getting a motorcycle?!?" This time it was Jared pouting.

"Haha." I stuck my tongue out at my older sibling. I honestly couldn't wait to search for a new bike, a Kawasaki, a Henderson, Harley, maybe Honda or Yamaha? Or best yet, Indian. But the Indian's were probably a no, don't want to get my hopes too high. I couldn't keep my excitement in and I literally started jumping. This was why I needed to change, I couldn't be the childish me, I basically needed to grow up kind of. Well, in public. 

"Yes, I will give you my credit card. But I don't want you spending over $1500 on clothes, and the motorcycle has to be under $10,000. I will count it as your first car."  I just went straight up and hugged her, she was amazing.


We got off the plane and went to our new house.

I looked at it in awe.

"How much are they paying you?" I asked as I ran towards our unfamiliar home. 

"Enough." My mom chuckled at my response to the structure.

I gaped at the outside, let alone the inside. It was a gigantic cabin-like house, breathtaking. It had two stories and a balcony was visible when I looked closer, I call that room, definite.

"I CALL THE BALCONY ROOM NO ARGUMENTS!!!" I climbed the stairs so I could be the first one there. The room was huge!

"My master room is on the first floor if you need me!" I heard the amazing woman who gave birth to me shout.

"Holy shit." I fell on my soft bed that was unloaded right before we came. The furniture was all unpacked by the time we were in England.

I unpacked everything in about two hours, so it was at least 5:00 by now. Wait, the time change made it different, but my phone changes with it! Ha!

To my surprise, it was 12:00 A.M. when I checked my phone.

I guessed I should go to sleep, with my energetic self I couldn't though. I decided to go into my older brother's room.

"Jared? Which room is yours?" I kind of shouted down the hall. I heard a soft murmur coming from the one across the hall and one door down from mine, so I peeked my head in.

"Jared?" I whispered, he was on his bed on his laptop.

"Hey, couldn't sleep?" He greeted me. I nodded, "I just finished unpacking. Can you believe we're in a different country on the other side of the ocean? I miss my friends already." 

"Yeah, me too. But we'll make new ones, don't worry. I'll be here for you, don't forget." He wrapped his arms around me in a brotherly hug, I loved these moments. 

"Thank you. I'm not that good at making friends. I'll pry be all alone for a while. I'm socially awkward." I faced reality. Even if I did change, my social awkwardness wouldn't go away. 

"You aren't socially awkward. You're just socially different?" He tried to comfort me, but it didn't really help.

"Anyways, when do we start school? Do we have uniforms? I would die if we have to have uniforms." I said.

"We start in three days, and no, thank God." We both sighed that we didn't need uniforms. 

"Just think, I might be driving my motorcycle to school on Wednesday. Haha. If I get it by then." I sauntered out of his room, of course, having to one-up my brother.

"What should we do now, babe? I'm not tired." I whispered to my dog. She just seemed to curl her lips into a smile to me, possibly understanding.

"Wanna go outside and explore?" She jumped up at that, it was her favorite word. Maddi was so good, I could keep her off lead anywhere and she'd stay with me.

We trekked down the spiralling staircase and slipped out of the door. The cool breeze immediately hit my bare arms, for I had changed into a purple tank top and pajama pants. My legs were warm though, and I had my black Vans on too. 

"C'mon Maddi, lets go see what await us. But we shall go on the streets, so we don't get lost in the woods!" She followed behind me, oftenly galloping past me just to wait for me expectantly. 

After what I had suspected was an hour, I started getting tired, yawning, I turned back. 

I had seen a bunch of houses, even though we had neighbors about a mile away from us, besides the one on our right, who was a normal distance away. I had a pretty good memory, so Maddi and I had made it back home in a record 40 minutes! At this point, it was about 2:30 in the morning, so we went inside quietly and I fell asleep instantly.

I had a surreal dream, there was this boy, curls were distinctive, and I was floating in mid-air. He came and brought me down, and then we had a doll picnic and he got shot by a Travelocity gnome. 

I woke up wondering who the boy was, I never saw his face, only a mop of curls. I shook my head and fell back asleep. 

What could I say? I wasn't a 'normal dream' kind of person.


HII! So I made a new fanfic. Harry Styles is the object of the fanfiction part. He has just come in though.

I hope you guys like it so far, and I'll be updating with a long chapter on Monday!

I know I'm sorry these three have been kind of short. 

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