Autumn Leaves

"My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane."
She's alone, but never lonely. She's a work of art, but part of nature.
She wants to change, but it's not that easy.
She's colorful, like Autumn Leaves.
*One Direction not famous


2. Chapter 2



         I realized I had fallen asleep in the field behind my house, with Maddi laying on my stomach. I looked at her pale blue eyes, scratching her ears. Her expression seemed to say, we need to go, food.

"C'mon Mads, lets go eat." I ran back to the house, my mom wasn't surprised, I had slept out there many of times before this. "How was your sleep?" She winked as I took an apple, "Good, it was beautiful out last night, thank you again." 

I brought the apple upstairs, setting it on my bedside table as I brushed my teeth, I was lucky to have my own bathroom, with two brothers. I brushed my hair out and put it in a messy high bun. I took out some clothes, floral, green and blue jeans and a pink baseball shirt. I slipped on my green converse too, I had a unique style.

"Mom! When are we moving again?" I yelled, yet again. "In four days!" She shouted up the stairs, four days, I had to pack the rest of my things into my three luggage bags, they were really cool, black and white striped.I packed every item of clothing I had, except for four days worth of outfits, and then I packed my jewelry, and shoes. 

I was actually, for once, kind of excited to move. I didn't expect myself to be, but I was.


*Skip to moving day*


I was rushing out the door, coaxing Maddi to get in our car with us, she was most definitely coming with us. Jared and Alex were already there, with their luggage in the back, I shoved my two bags in there and just took my mini backpack backpack with my necessities in it to the front seat. My brothers always made fun of me for it, but I thought it was cute. (Backpack from Dora, whose name was..... Backpack!)

"Drew, I'm the oldest, I sit shotgun." Jared tried pulling me out, but I refused. "Well, no. I got here before you and I am already sitting here. Go sit in the back." I shooed him away. 

"Maddi's drooling on me!" My seventeen year old brother, Alex, started complaining. I wished he would shut up, sometimes he acted like a seven year old, instead of seventeen.

"Aww shut up, be a man Alex." Jared climbed in the backseat stubbornly, just so, my mom came out and started our journey to England. 


*At airport*


We were walking to our terminal as the loudspeaker sounded, "Flight 286 set to take off in five minutes! Last call!" That was our flight, so we ran as fast as we could. Tripping over my feet like me, I fell down. I got tangled in my suitcase and struggled to get up.

"Wait! Mom!" They were in front of me by a few feet, but they still didn't hear me.

I started running as soon as I got up, praying that I wouldn't fall again. Just as I got to the door, the woman started shutting it.

"Excuse me! Wait!" I started sprinting full blown. I almost ran right into her, but she opened it up again after I gave her my ticket.

"Thanks." I mumbled and walked to join my family, thanking the heavens that I made it in time.

"I fell." I muttered, probably answering their questions.

I took a seat in one of the cushy chairs, this was a cool plane. The next thing I knew, I was sleeping. I was thinking about how they allowed Maddi on. I drifted away, dreaming about England.




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