Autumn Leaves

"My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane."
She's alone, but never lonely. She's a work of art, but part of nature.
She wants to change, but it's not that easy.
She's colorful, like Autumn Leaves.
*One Direction not famous


1. Chapter 1



            "Drew! help me with these boxes!" My mom yelled at me, I didn't want to move. Neither did she, or my brothers, Jared and Alex. But we didn't have a say, we were moving to England, and that was final. I mean, I was only sixteen, I had all my friends here, in Minnesota! I couldn't just make friends like the snap of fingers. 

Hell, I would be lost. Needless to say alone, I had my brother, Jared, who was two years older than me, but he would most likely make friends instantly. Nope, not me, not Miss Drew-I-can't-walk-two-steps-without-falling. And there wouldn't be any natural, wild, wide open spaces, not where we were going.

"Coming!" I climbed back in my window and ran into her bedroom, taking two boxes in my hands. "You know, your job is perfect here, I mean, it's close to home," "It's twenty minutes away," "as I was saying, it's pretty close, it pays well, and we love it here mom!!!" I couldn't leave, this was where I was born, where I grew up. I had friends, Kiana, Hana, Mitch, and Will, they meant the world to me.

"I know, Drew, but there's just more money out in England. I can't let this opportunity out of our grasps, it's best for all four of us." She smiled weakly as we walked out to the truck that was going to bring our things to the airport, we were lucky enough to get a plane that allows movers, if that makes sense. In other words, it could bring everything we had. We were the only ones on that particular plane, because we rented the whole thing.

"I guess the rest of my arguments are invalid then." I looked down as we went to get the rest of the boxes. "Yes, I'm sorry hun, I know this is hard, you're only sixteen, and  your friends are here, but I can't say no." I knew she was sorry, but this was a big plus for us, it was kind of hard raising three kids and a dog while being a single parent. 

"Can ya tell me what part we're going to?" I asked, "Yes, we will be living in Holmes-Chapel." I smiled, "Well will there be woods, forests, or anything like that by us?" She smiled this time, knowing how much of a nature person I was. 

"Yes, there will be, when I was there, I made sure. I picked out a house, well kind of cottage, but it's big. And it has a vast expanse of wilderness, woods, and a prairie behind it. It is truly breath-taking." I gasped, I knew I would love it instantly. I forgot about all my other doubts when I had heard that.


*That night*


I lay on my bed, thinking, writing, I wrote poems, short stories, and novel-ish things. This time it was,


I love to hate, Yet I hate to love

Love makes you break, Makes you weak

You want to hide, you want to break

Love shall not become of me, I shall become of hate


I'm not the best, but I was pretty good, as my friend, Kiana would say. She was my best friend. Then would be Will, Mitch, and Hana. I hadn't known her long, but she was really cool.

I decided that when we got to Holmes-Chapel, I would change, at least my look, and my approaching attitude. I just want to see what it would be like, I could ask my mom if I could dye my hair, and get a new wardrobe for school. 

"Mom!" I yelled and ran down the stairs, "Yello?" She looked up from her book. 

"When we get to Holmes-Chapel, since I have my license, and I'm to be 17 in three months. Can I get a motorcycle? I know how to drive one, Will let me use his!" I really hoped she would say yes, I wanted a motorcycle so bad.

"Well, since it is the middle of the school year, and it's a difficult change for you. As long as you'll always wear a helmet, and be very careful. I think I can get you one. But it can't be too expensive." I ran over to her and jumped on her, enveloping her in a hug.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know this is kind of alot, but could I dye my hair black or streaks? And a new wardrobe?" "Hmm, I guess that's respectable. Sure." I couldn't believe it, I ran outside and started sprinting around our yard, Maddi, our Australian Shepard, following at my heels. 

I laid on my back, looking up at the night sky, smiling.

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