Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.



Amandas POV


 God. I swear that girl is such a flirt. First niall and now Harry and next Liam, and please no not Louis. I woke up around 2:30 and of rose was up. I went into louis's bedroom, shaking his bed to wake him up. "morning." i said in a soft voice. He got up and started kissing me. We hung out before going down stairs and we saw uncle simon on the couch. I ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "So guys are u packed up?" he said. "oh shit i forgot to tell them. We're going on tour for about a year and guess what!? You girls are going on it with us! Simon will be there somtimes but we will be on a bus, plane or in a hotel room." louis trying not to give me a big kiss gestured to my room. " That will be soo cool uncle si. Harry help me pack." Rose said. I think she was really really happy. I ran upstairs and louis ran behide me. "So im suppose to say that we are not dating..." i keep venting thats what i do the best. Louis kissed me and we went to my bed. "dont worry about it." he whispered. oh God this boy. Trying to get me in bed with him. but no im a virgin and im trying not to change that. I pushed him off of me and we started laughng as niall walked in , " um.. simon said to hurry but if you guys are to busy fucking each other then im just guna leave." Niall said. I through a pillow at him, "ill help." niall said and he did we quickly packed up. Then simon said. "shit u guys are going to be in a hotel room for the night. im sorry." Harry gave Rose a sexual look. great is that im guna here. We got in the car i was beside Louis and Niall. We got to the hotel and we ran into the room. "Ok guys be good. I'll be here in the morning." Simon said, leaving closing the door behind him. It fells like a year with louis but has only been like 2 days. "We get the big room!" louis shouted. We ran into that bedroom. He kissed me and we ran out to the living room to talk to liam about watching toy story but we saw Harry and Rose making out.... "You slut. i thought u liked niall." everyone came that room and looked at me. but harry and rose just keep making out. "ok you've only known him for a day, your not dating him so instead your guna fuck him." i yelled. " so its ok for you to makout with a guy you just meet but when it comes to me i cant have fun." that bitch cant talk to me like that. " im dating louis ok and you dont know wat it is to love cause you've slept with every guy in hamilton. ok remember went u were sick a month ago i thought u were pregnant. and thats what i think every night you come home."


Roses Pov


WHAT THE HELL. I stopped kissing Harry and stood up. I looked her in the eyes, as tears streamed down my face. What kinda sister says stuff like that! "w-what.. How could you say that about me. I wasnt gonna fuck him im not a slut. I would be a virgin, but its jakes falt. Finally some guy treats me right and you say things like this. I cant handle this anymore. No one ever treated me as nice like these boys have and you just start saying things like this." I started bawling tears everywhere. "Jakes the only one who i slept with and that was because he raped me,  he beat me giving me bruises everywhere, and you know that!!" I yelled running into a bedroom. I didnt want them to co to me, I wish i could die there and then. Why was amanda like that. i was finally being treated nicely, and she treats me like this. I hope she never find some so i can die here.


Amanda's POV


i saw her run out side " first, before i get yelled at she has had sex with more then jake. ok and she had told me that she might of been pregnant and she knew i would have been jakes." louis ran into our bedroom. i was right behind him, 

" whats your problem? thats your sister amanda and just said all of that cause you were mad cause she was making out with a guy that she likes. whats wrong with you." " whats wrong with me. do you no what fuck you." and with that i ran out of the room strait put of the hotel room and in the hallway.  i sat down and put my head in my hands. some one touched my back. i saw Niall. he sat beside me i cryed into his shoulder. when i looked up i saw his eyes. i didnt realize wat i saw doing. i was kissing Niall.

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