Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.


17. nothing

Roses POV


When she said that i bursted into tears, they all gave me death glares, and they all went to go look for Amanda. I just sat there by myself. I got up, grabbed a peice of paper and a pen.

I wrote

~~~ 'Hey guys,

Harry is right, i am a bitch, i tried to change for Josh,i Love him so much. He means so much to me, so thats why i had to leave. He deserves the perfect girl, and im not. I know what i said was mean, but im just scared, ive never had a boyfirend before, so everytime i like someone and someone else gets him, i feel jealous, then Josh came along, and he changed my life, if only he knew how much he means to me, i was just scared that he would like amanda i mean, shes like a model, and im so ugly, of course she can get the guys. I cant keep on doing this to you guys. Just please forget about Jake, he just kept threatning me he would kill me or a loved one, if i didnt stay with him, but hes in jail, i wont be seeing him for along time, By time you read this i'll be gone, dont bother looking for me because you wont find me. Even though none of you care, All i have to say is, Im sorry, i cant contain my jealousy over my sister, she could get any guy she wanted, but ive only had 3 that ive fucked up with, im a bad girlfriend, and a bad person. Im sorry guys. i really am. im sorry i ruined your lives. and Josh, im sorry i broke your heart, but always know that i love you.

Goodbye forever ~Rose'  ~~~

I left the note on the table and ran outside, I kept running, i didnt want them to find or see where i was going, i didnt exactly know where i was going, but i needed to go somewhere. i wasstill running while crying, i was gonna miss them.I looked back for a second,thinking about what would happen if we started allover again,if my mind just restarted. Before i turn my head back i heard a loud beep, then the breaks of a truck, i turned my head, and all i saw was a truck speeding towards me, was hit, then i blacked out.


amanda's POV


   i was in bed with niall when i got a call, " hello" i answered, "um im sofry to inform you but your sister has been hit by a car. she was standig in the middle of the road. we dotnknow if she will make it or if she will remember anything. can you and your family come down to the hospital?" i didnt speak. " what is it?" niall asked. i bursted into tears. " im on my way" i hung up. i went into the bathroom and sobbed. i heard all the boys talking when i came out. its all harrys fault but it wasnt. he was trying to stand up for me. i got another call," josh, what happened?" i asked. " she left a note saying that harry was right and that she hurt all of us."  he explained. i could hold it in. i hung up and though my smashing it against the wall. " look at me what happened?" liam shook me. " she might die. harry i know you were trying to stand up for me but, i thikn you went to far and she took it way to far." i ran into liams arms. i went up to the driver and said, " to the hospital. thank you" i went to sit on the couch and curled up into a ball. i new nial was beside me. after about ten minutes the driveer said, " were here" i ran out as fast as i can. when i got in i yelled, " where the fuck is she?" someone grabbed me is wasnt niall but it was liam, " niall and the ret of the boys dont want to come in. " i turned around and hugged him. i cryed into his chest until a doctor came, " ok,im doctor lorenco, rose just got out of surgery. but we still dont know is she will make it." i cried into liams chest harder when he asked, " can we please see her for a moment?" i dont know what happened all i know is liam grabbed my hand and pulled me to her room. 

she layed there like a dead body. no life left in her. i went and i held her hand,  " um ms we need to do a test i sorry but you guys need to get out." i didnt want to but liam picked me up and brought me to the waiting room.  i couldnt stop crying. i layed on Liam's lap of about 1 hour until the doctor said, " shes awake but she does not remember anything.

i ran to see hurt just laying there looking at me. " rose oh my god rose your ok." said but she just said, whos over there amanda?" " thats liam are friend." " no hes not, we just moved to london remember. " the doctor grabbed me and liam ," she does not remeber them. but heres the thing, when she got hit all she could think about was how she hated them, the boys and the studys show that she did not want to remeber them so she didnt thats how re minds work." liam was crying, " anything about us." he sobbed, " nothing.

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