Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.


19. Niall

Roses POV


It was werid. When Amanda came in yesterday with a good looking guy with a brittish accent, i was confused, we just got here and she already knew someone? Most importantly, why was i in a hospital, what happened? My thoughts were interupted when some people walked in my room. Amanda, liam who i met yesterday, a guy with dark hair in a quiff and brown percing eyes, a curly brown haired boy with emerald green eyes, and a blonde haired boy with beautiful blue eyes. I got up off the bed and sat up, dont worry i had clothes on, because i was leaving today. They all looked at me as i stared at the blonde, and blushed, they all saw and gave me a confused look, especially blondie. I walked up to him and stood in front of him. "NIALL?" they all opened their eyes wide. I grabbed him into a big hug and didnt let go, he hugged me back, until Amanda came and broke us apart. We both blushed, and i looked at the floor.

"You remember them now?" Amanda asked.

"Uhm i dont know who these people are, but i know this adorable irish." i said as i looked up at Niall to see a blush creep upon his cheeks. I blushed back and looked at Amanda.

"What...?" Amanda asked confused

The doctor walked in and Amanda spoke up. "Doctor how is it that Rose only remembers one of the boys?"

"Thats usually is caused by a first love, or someone you wanted to remember."

Niall blushed taking in what the Doctor just said.

"Wait what happened anyways?" i asked.

"You got hit by a truck and then blacked out." the doctor replied.

i suddendly remember now. "Wait i remember i was walking across the street then i got hit and as i did all i was thinking about was if this trip restarted and Niall and i were together. Thats all i remember." i blushed at the thought of me and Niall together.

"Wait what?" The curly haired one said.

The doctor smiled "Then i guess you remembered Niall because of love."

From the corner of my eye i saw Niall blush and the other boys and Amanda stunned.


Amanda's POV

When the doctor said that my mouth dropped. Rose is in love with my boyfriend. I didnt know what to do. "So ur saying im in love with Niall." Rose asked. "I could tell when you woke up and looked at him and i can tell that he was in love with you too. im gonna leave u guys alone." and with that the doctor left. "Me to" i said going out. I was followed by Louis, Harry Zayn and Liam. but no Niall. I looked in the room and Niall was on one knee, "I have always loved you Rose. I dont know if i love your sister or if i ever had. All i know is that i love you Rose." that little Irish bastard. "I love u too Nialler. I guess you should go tell my sister the truth." she whispers just enough that i could heard. Niall noded. I ran but i knew i couldnt. Then somone was behind me. I looked and it was Louis. I didnt care if he was gay. I smashed my lips onto his. He kissed me back right away. I wrapped my arms around him and he wrapped his arms around my waist. He whispered, "how about niall?". i responed, " how about harry?". we both laughed as we went outside.


i dont know what to do i dont know if im in love with niall anymore or if im in love with louis. after me and louis just hung out outside we went in to see rose. before we go in louis texted me saying.: ok, i like u but i dont know what to do.: after reading that i kissed up and pushed him to the wall. after 30 seconds i said, " does that answer ur question?"  and he nswered, " so u and me." i cut him off and said, " yes." as we walked in i saw niall beside rose. he came up to me. before he could talk i said, " ur in love with my sister and im in love with louis. ok i cant believe u. god niall, why didnt u just tell me, ok." i turned aroud a smashed my lips onto louis once againpullig away after a coupke seconds. i walk out and louis followed me. now see this is what it was suppose to be.   

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