Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.


13. Josh.

Roses POV


Its been a week since they all left for the tour. During there absence, ive changed my ways, ive been a nicer and more girly person. I moved to America, and have been here for 2 days. I love it here, the heat and it just feels like home. ~  It was 10:00 and i wanted a coffee. I took a quick shower, then blow dried my hair. I got dressed, I put on white skinny jeans, pink crop top with a white heart on the front, and pink TOMS. I then straightened my hair perfectly, and put on a bit of makeup. I grabbed my purse, phone and keys then headed out the hotel. As i walked to Starbucks, i thought about what i would do here, it would be a long, lonely trip. I finally got to a starbucks, as i walked in the smell of coffee filled the room. After i ordered my coffee, and paid the lady, i was lucky to get the last empty table. I sat there quietly, texting, and playing games on my phone, When someone interupted me. "Uhm...Hello love, Do you mind if i sat here, theres no where else?" i smiled at his british accent. "Sure!! go ahead." We both sat there on ourphones, i never looked up at him once, until i got bored 2 minutes later. I locked my phone, then took a sip of my coffee looking out the window, the guy did the same, until i looked at him. Brown spiky hair, hazel eyes, ear percings, and a cute face. He looked at me too, and we sat there looking at each other in the eyes. It felt like hourse sitting there, just staring, as i got lost in his eyes. I started blushing, and he smiled cheekily. "Hello, Im Rose." i spoke up. "Hey, Im Josh." We sat there talking for a while, until he got a text saying he had to go. "Would you ot your number babe?" i blushed then gave him myphone, he added his digits, and i did the smae to his. He got up andhugged. "Well,i had a great time, even though we just met." he said blushing. "Yea your a really cool guy. Text you later?" "For sure!, See ya babe." he winked at me then left. What just happened there. ~ After a week of seeing each other all the time, and texting cute things, we were officially dating. He told me he was the drummer for a band, but didnt tell me which band, he said he wanted me to meet them one day. He was so sweet, and i forgot about all my troubles with him. He was adorable, kind, caring, loveable, hilarious, fun and most importantly, mine. I love you Josh. 


Josh's POV


Wow. Rose was so cute, and beautiful, Long brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes, she was so adorable, as soon as i met her in the coffee shop, i knew she was the one. The way she laughed, the way she smiled, her crazy,and hilarious personality, she was perfect. We spent 2 weeks togther, and since we would be in America for another month, i was happy, i told her i was the drummer in a band, but i didnt tell her what band, i wanted to show the lads her. They would be so happy for me, since i finally found the girl i was waiting for. I never wanted to let her go. I love you Rose.


amanda's POV


The first week of the tour was fun. I fell of the top bunk a lot but other wise it was fun. I loved watching them on the big stages. They were really nice and there drummer was really nice. Josh i think his name is. well anyway, we were guna be in this one area for about 3 weeks. Josh meet a girl. He wont tell us her name but she seems really nice. All they do is text all the time and the boys are getting really mad cause thats all he does. "Have u talked to your sister today?" Zayn asked. "Ya she wants us to meet her new boy friend tonight."  Its nice that rose took some time off. and now she has meet a really nice guy. i got a text from her:

'hey, so um wear something nice. are the boys coming? xx rose'. i texted her back : 'no there going out with one of the guys from the band.xx amanda'. then i got a call from her "So be ready in ten bye" and wit that she hung up on me.  I didnt bring a lot of clothes, but 1 or 2 dresses. I asked the boys what one to wear a blue short short dress that was chiffon or a short pink and white dress. they all picked the pink and white dress. i feel so bad for harry, but he has found a really nice girl named Asia. but i know for him to see his ex with a new guy is hard. i put my hair back into a pony with a flower on the hair tie and a little bit of pink and sliver makeup on. 

All the boys were readly to out with josh the dummer and i was ready too. 

I meet rose at this nice place. I think it was french. we sat at this big table, "um who else is coming?" i asked, " oh some of his closest friends" oh thats nice. at a table with only one person i know oh that just great. " oh here he comes" i went to look and oh my god. " JOSH!!" i yelled. "Omg amanda thats your." Josh was cut of by niall, " your dating.?"  " wait this is your ban-" rose was cut of by harry, "fuck this im leaving"  "Ok so rose you are dating the drummer for One Direction thats nice. um niall" niall knew wat i was guna say but just smiled. i ran outside to see harry crying, " harry look at me you are with a wonderful girl and you know. i know is guna be hard but listen to me im here." i said trying to calm him down. i wraped me arms around hiI. " i know I know I know" he kept saying. He wouldnt stop so i kissed him on the lips for a near second, "are you ok?" i asked, "yes, lets go back in" wow did harry just say that.

When we got back inside only josh and rose were at the table, "Where is everyone?" i asked . Harry was holding my waist. " they left and fired josh. they said that they can have him cause of eveything. niall said that they already have a new drummer anways." i couldnt do this to her but i needed to, " im sorry but me and harry need to get back." we just left.

When we got outside we saw all the boys, "Lets go back to the bus" Liam said in a very sad voice. why did this need to happend tonight, right now? i love rose and i love josh but now i cant think.

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