Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.


9. Im not going.

Roses POV


I know that was very mean of my sister to say, but i got up tears just streaming down my face and walked into the room where Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry were, looking confused. When they saw me they all ran up to me to hug me. but i backed up and said stop. I looked them all in the eyes. "Guys i know Amanda said all those things but dont be mad at her. Im just confused right now. Louis i heard you yelling at her. Please dont.  She loves you, and adores you, dont worry about me. Im ok. Jake just...-.Never mind." I said not wanting to talk about Jake. "Whos Jake." i sighed and replied " Jake was a guy at my old school back in Canada. There was a small party one day and Jake was there. i didnt drink, i never did back then. I was sitting in a room asking for Amanda to come pick me up when he walked in and locked the door.i hung up and was about to leave the room when He locked the door and shoved meon the bed, he raped me. He beat me all the time and threatened tohurtme even moreif i told anyone and being stupid me i did, he beat me till i was almost paralyised. but i called the police he went to jail and hes been there for a year and getting out soon. After he raped me without a condomi was pretty sure i was pregnant. For he raped me more than once, i took a bunch of tests most cameout positve so i freaked out, buti went togo the doctor and they said no. and i was happy. So when you guys werebeing so nice to me i was so happy, i never actually had a real boyfriend or relationship sonow im very much confused. i dont know hat to do, im just sad that she calledme all of that. but pleasedont get bad at her. I aslo decidedim notgoing on tour with you guys. I cant handle it i know some things gonna go wrong." They all just stared at me a gave me a big hug.


amanda's POV


Me and niall just talked. i heard rose talking to them inside. i started to cry, "Shhhhh, the dont understand." niall keep telling me." ok im sorry i didnt want her to hurt you niall. as u can tell i care about u a lot. shes just a messed up kid." i explained,

" i could tell, we kissed. do you know what lets go out." he suggested. "  dont worry ill go inside to get our stuff."


nialls POV


   God i would of slapped louis for talking to amanda like that. i walked in. everyone hugging rose then looking right at me. i couldnt stand this anymore. i got our stuff and yelled, "You little fucking bastard. How dare you talk to amanda like that. she was mad and i dont blame her. You guys dont know the whole story. Louis she told me to tell you this, its over. you hurt her feelings. Oh ya and shes not going on tour thanks guys." i ran out as quickly.


Amanda's POV

i love this boy he cares so much about me. i heard everything he said to the boys. he came out and didnt speak. we just left the hotel. Camera were everywhere but we just got in to the car. "Niall. stay with me" thats all i said to him. We got back to the hotel to see everyone sitting on the couch. oh boy.

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