Uncle Simon

Rose and Amanda are sisters from Canada. There parents die in a big car crash and have no where To go. Until there secret uncle Simon Cowell steps in to take care of them. The girls have never really been in to much music. Now to find out that they will be going on tour with the big boy band one direction. Living with them for over a year on a bus and plane. Being on a bus with five sex gods is hard enough. But dealing with all the drama fans and conflicts will drive these two off the road.


6. going out


Amanda's POV


    me and louis just sat in the bathroom talking. i know i just met him but it seems like ive known him for ever. when i stoped crying i told him about the picture and my parents. " im so sorry ." he cryed. " its ok. thats why simon took us in because even though im an adult rose isnt and i think we all know i cant take care of my self and now another person. rose isnt so happy she had alot  of friends in Hamilton. now she needs to go to a new school in her last year of high school. i just dont think its fair." i vented. " know one deserves to lose there parents but in one way or another we lose them and are family. its life. i guess it was time for them to go." he said. why did he care so much about me? why did i care that he cared? and most of all why do i care for him? we were sitting in the bathtub. me laying my head on his chest. i told him not to look at me cause my face was really puffy but of course he didnt listen.

we heard rose yelling at one of the boys. so we both got up. my hand touched the doorknob when louis turned me around and placed his lips on mine. i kissed him back. when we both pushed back he said, " i-i-m so sorry."  i just laughed. 

we both ran down stairs nearly falling when i saw broken glass everywhere. niall, liam and zayn in the far corner and harry on the floor. when i looked around i saw rose crying in the corner. i ran to her while louis ran to harry. rose has blackouts. anger. she doesnt remember why or what she did it. " jake" her voice was shaky. i grabbed her. she started kicking and screaming. she thought i was jake. yelled fro help so niall, liam and zayn came to help me. " what do we do?" asked niall as he grabbed her from me. " theres a beach outside right?"  i said, "ya" zayn said i gesured them to follow me and i ran out to the beach. " drop her in the water." i yelled. as niall held her. she was still kicking yelling. stop hurting me u rapists. he didnt hesitate. he droped her deep so she didnt hit head. she got up right away and gave me a hug. " did i hurt anyone?" i shoke my head. " so niall droped her so she would "wake up" ?" i didnt answer. louis ran outside a gave me a hug  as rose gave niall i big hug and whispered somthing in her ear as louis said, " are you ok? "  " im fine. harry?"  " hes ok. he went to sleep."  

we all went inside and sat down. i could tell that niall really liked rose but ik that i cant let anyone hurt her again. rose was rapped up in blankets and sitting on niall lap as i was sitting on louis's. we all talked about wat happened. she though i glass cup at harry. he got cut a little bit. then liam yelled, " everyone get there asses in the van. we're going out" " u no. rose is under age." i stated. " whatever we're going." harry said. " im not going then." again i stated.   rose got her jacket .

" im not going out ill stay with amanda." they all ran out of the house. " so what do u want to do?" he asked me. " lets watch life as we know it." i loved that movie. as it started i started to cry. louis put his arm around me and i put my head on his shoulder. as the movie ended i could see that louis was crying. i got up and sat on his lap and wiped away the tears. we looked in eachothers eyes. we both leaned in and we kissed more like making out. when i pushed away i said, " that was a good first date." then we both started laughing. the boys and rose came though the door and i was on louis lap pinning him to the couch and his arms around my waist. " whats happening here?" harry asked. " now i know why you didnt want to go out." rose laughed. i notice that nialls arm was around her and she new i notice, " if simon asks we all went out and no one is dating anyone. ok" louis said we all agreed. what was gun happen?

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