My Dream Date

It was just a normal day until Victoria passes out from a baseball at a ball game. She falls into her perfect dream. Until she wakes up in the hospital and all else fails. Except the one thing she's been dreaming. She has to set out to find her family. Can her and her perfect dream find them?


2. Waking up...

**Victoria's POV**

I opened my eyes and looked down and saw my hand in a bright pink cast. I looked up to see three boys. The blonde haired was wearing a shirt that said 'Free Hugs' and pants with blues shoes. The other one had brown hair and was wearing a white shirt with red stripes on it and is that suspenders? Yep, definitely suspenders with white shoes. The black haired one was wearing a tan shirt and  gray sweatpants he was sleeping in a beanbag chair. Then I looked over to see two more boys one of them had short brown hair and was wearing a navy blue and tan pants. I look over to the last boy he had fluffy brown hair and was wearing a plaid shirt and normal pants. He was staring at me like crazy. A huge grin spread across his face when I looked at him. "W-w-who are you people and what do you want?" I half yelled. The blond guy comes up to me and sits in the chair next to me. "It's ok." He said "I'm Niall that's Louis, Zayn, Liam and, Harry." "AND WE'RE ONE DIRECTION!" Louis yelled causing Zayn to wake up. "LOUIS!" "Sorry" "I have to go to the bathroom" I said shaking like crazy. I struggle to stand up and Harry rushes up and grabs my waist. "Harold!" Niall yelled running over grabbing my arm lightly and puts it around his shoulder. Harry takes his hand off my waist and does the same. They help me in the bathroom. I really didn't  have to go to the bathroom I just  wanted to go to look in the mirror. I look in the mirror and see I have a black eye. I start to cry and look down at my feet and see I have a broken foot in another bright pink cast. How couod I have not noticed? I come out of the bathroom and have Harry and Niall help me into the hospital bed.

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